I Can't Believe She's Gone

I have been insanely sad this week. my cat died on valentines day. i know a lot of people wouldnt think thats a big deal, but she was my baby. ive had her since i was 8, and im 17 now. i loved her more than i ever loved anything else in my life. its like, i gave her every ounce of love and affection in my body, and now shes gone. its really going to take me a while to get used to this feeling. the worst part is the way she died. i never should have let this happen. she was really sick with intestinal issues, and only weighted 2 or 3 pounds. she had been really constipated, so i stayed up with her to help. i really thought she could beat this and get better, and i knew she was really hurting, so i let her sleep where she wanted to, on one of the radiators in my house. in the middle of the night, she must have jumped down and wanted to sleep on a cushion on the chair. she was to weak to jump aall the way, and her claww got stuck in the cushion. she couldnt get it unstuck, and thats how she died. with her paw raised up. i knew i shouldve taken her to sleep in nmy room. and i was so excited to tell everyone the next day that i finally got her to poop. she did not deserve to die that way.  a little part of me died with her, she was my baby
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its hard to lose a pet that is your baby its terrible .its not your fault try to remember the good times you had with your kitty.maybe you could help another kitty that needs a home and love their are many around .i found a whole family of kittys outside a mom and five babies.i found homes for 4 of them and kept the rest so now i have 3. hugs to you

F no, who cares about those people who don't think its a big deal. I feel you, I had to give away my dog couple months ago because I couldn't take care of her the way I wish I could. I still miss her to death. I know you can get through this,but know that your not alone. Im sorry that happened though.

Thanks guys, it means a lot

I'm really sorry you had to go through that. I know it is hard to get that last image out of your mind, and you blame yourself, but it sounds like you gave her a long and happy life, full of love. *HUGS*

Im so sorry hugs**