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U see I'm 26 yrs old have 3 girls n I'm marry but life been so hard I thought I had the man I love ...but I was wrong I been with him since I was 15 yrs old he never care ...I thought I loved him or maybe I just wanted to leave the violence I lived in my parents house...now this violence is in my home he hits me makes me cry n he leaves with his friends n acts like if he doesn't care ...he comes home really late...he has another affair going on n every time I front him with it he gets really mad n aggressive ...I cry every time I hate it ...someone plzz help me I have no job it's hard to find one I Dnt wanna keep putting up with all this stress
Maggie310 Maggie310
1 Response May 26, 2012

D: That's terrible, I'm so sorry 3<br />
Maybe you should get a new place to live, with your girls...