The Worst I've Ever Felt.

my boyfriend/fiance of 5 years went to a ***** club about 2.5 weeks ago, and left me for a ******** a week later. i had to move in with his grandparents since i don't have a car or license (he never let me get one) and i had nowhere else to go. we have a daughter who is turning one this month, and we had originally agreed that she would be with me. he hadn't visited her or checked on her the entire time up until two days ago (valentines day) and then while i was at work he took her to his house. it was only supposed to be for a night but he called yesterday and said he wanted to start taking her every other week. he told his grandma that this ******** girl was going to babysit my daughter while he was at work! i was so upset, i called the police only to find out there's nothing i can do. he holds all the cards here.

i tried to scare him into bringing her back to me by saying i was moving back in to our house with him since i never got a 30 day notice, but now he's just going to try to get a restraining order against me and a court ordered eviction from his house. i already have an eviction from when we lived in an apartment together and he spent all our rent money, but the apartment was only in my name. to add salt to the wounds he's been treating me like ****, telling me how much he hated my family (calling my mom an alcoholic **** and my dad a piece of ****) and how i'm a bad parent. he told me i was a fat ***** (i am overweight) and that i'm brainwashing his grandparents and taking advantage of them. i have already found a place to live, i'm just waiting for it to be ready, and i only have missed one day of work through all of this. i try to give his grandparents money but they wont accept it. he says i'm using them.

 i love my daughter more than anything in the world, and i'm so upset that he is doing this. he was never a good parent, he never would feed her or change a diaper, and he slept while i was in labor. since she was first born he would never help me with her, he always said he was busy with something else. now all of a sudden he wants something to do with her and i just don't get it.

i have to add the this all was extremely sudden for me. the week before he went to the ***** club we were shopping for our engagement rings and had bought a bunch of bbq stuff for family bbq days during the summer. two weeks later this ******** is pretty much moved into the house we were buying together and taking care of my kid. i feel so lost and hurt right now, and he keeps finding ways to make it worse. the only thing holding me together is my daughter. he's telling people that i'm crazy and abusive. im so confused because even though i know it's not true, he's really getting to me. i cant even get out of bed anymore.

i don't know what to do. i'm so sad and drained and i have no support.

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1 Response Feb 16, 2010

Did he showed you he loved you those 5 yrs with him? DId you feel loved by him? HAS HE GONE TO ***** CLUBS BEFORE THAT DAY HE LEFT YOU? MAYBE I CAN HELP YOU IF YOU ANSWER THESE QUESTIONS.. ALSO HOW OLD IS YOUR EX AND HOW OLD ARE YOU?