I feel really horrible. I just have no close friends to talk to. I love my parents, but I never can talk about myself to them, I have no brothers or sisters. And it makes to feel really bad. Really😭
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4 Responses Aug 29, 2014

Well, not 'nymore 😘
You'll never have another lonely day
Promise *pinky promise* 😁

Well I'm always here for a chat! You cal always find people on here your age with similar interests to you!

It's your life, make it into what you want it to be 😄


You too :)

Ja! Und es lebe Frankreich :) Ihr Deutsch ist sehr gut!! ;)

Try new things. New sport or hobby. Say hi to people. Be strong you can do this.

That's ok. Try not to think too much about being alone. Do your own things. It's not healthy. And I know it can't be helped but try distracting yourself.

It's good you helped people. But now it's time to help yourself.

Create a social life I did...it's very easy