Totally Weird.

I can't enjoy anything today and feel so disconnected from everything and everyone. I absolutely want to delete my profile here and I don't really know why. Maybe because all of my closest friends are GONE. Every single one. I accomplished a lot today as far as writing, but I'm not feeling good about it and it's almost like I don't care any more. I feel useless, like I'm not worth anything and I do know why. I was thrown away along with everything that I loved and had. My pets, My home. My self-respect. My being. My family is separated and it's almost as though I never had five kids or a connection. Like: What in the hell was it all for? It was all for nothing. And now all of my friends are gone too. I feel like giving up and when I find a way out of all of this, I'm going for it. I'm tired of waking up to the same empty life and the same useless existence. I've had it with everything.
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May 8, 2012