Lost In A World Full Of People With Nobody To Find Me

I feel alone all the time, even in a house full of people. All i wanna do is stay in my room, curl up and die. Right now is the worst part of the day because i really am all alone, and i stupid **** when im alone. When there is people here i dont want to be around them and it always makes me feel like crap. It pi**** everyone off that id rather stay in my room, but they just dont understand. They have tried to talk to me but i cant open up to anyone because i dont know myself. I am useless cause all i can seem to do is sit on my *** and waste space and precious oxygen. I cant motivate myself nor can anyone else, whats the use? I have really bad habbits and i am very suicidal i just wish that i was motivated at least enough to end it. I have it all planned out and my notes written, i have physically said good byes in a nonconspicuous way and i have wrote out what they can do with my things, now i just need to get off my *** and do it already.
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This is an old post, but I felt like responding...The only thing I can add is this:
Don't give in to life, make it fight you to the last, claim your right to breathe and have a good time. You have earned the right by just being born, so no matter the outcome, fight that bastard and witness the end as a survivor, as victory, as **** everyone else, I have the right to enjoy myself, I don't need a reason, I don't need anyone telling me that I do either.
This victory is for ME, and no-one else.

lol you must be my long lost twin you just described me
i can't help i'm in the same situation. the world is full of nasty charaters taking up oxygen. it's rediculous to say you can't have some

Life might not be worth living sometimes.... but is death worth dying.

Its better to stay alive and keep fighting a good fight just so see if something changes. You never know what's around the corner.

And you're still young.

One day you might look back on all of this and be kind of glad because it made you a stronger person. And at least it means you can genuinely say you know what real pain feels like.

Be strong.

Like me, keep trying!