A Saga Of Stupidity

I'm so, so, stupid all the time. I have no sense of the appropriateness of any action. Whenever I take a chance I end up regretting it. I constantly live with a vague sense of regret piled up from thousands of tiny mistakes I make every day. On Facebook: updates I shouldn't have posted, comments I shouldn't have made. At school: weird answers I shouldn't have written, inappropriate doodles I shouldn't have drawn on something I was going to turn in, things I shouldn't have said to people, additions I shouldn't have added to class discussions. At home: jokes I shouldn't have told to my younger siblings, things I shouldn't have told my parents. On fanfiction.net, EP, and other such websites: stupid stories I shouldn't have posted. At the store: junk food I shouldn't have bought. Even my childhood is tainted with regret: I shouldn't have pulled at the car door handle while we we driving when I was three; I shouldn't have almost drowned because I didn't follow instructions at my swimming lessons when I was five; I shouldn't have been so self-righteous and ignorant when I was ten. Funnily enough, I have no regrets about talking back to my teacher when I was nine. She was totally wrong and I was right. I mean, seriously? Just admit your answer key had a typo! If I could redo that incident, the only thing I'd do different would be to smack that teacher in her smug, chubby face.


I embarrass myself every day.

Maybe after I graduate high school I'll move to Antarctica, where there are no people to judge me and the main inhabitants are, according to knowyourmeme.com, just as socially awkward as I am.
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1 Response Jan 13, 2013

Hey, Girl, please try hard to get out of that attitude, because it has been following me for about 32 years now. It's very deeply ingrained, but you have a chance, you're still quite young. Start finding positive things to doodle about, or say, or whatever... Good luck, doll, you can do it!