I know your all gunna say your just a kid and don't worry. No you don't know my life yet . Everyday I get up and start doing something then eventually at some point I start getting yelled at and people stop wanting me around and then people ignore me and hope I leave. People don't care if I'm around. They wouldn't even care or notice if I ran away and never came back. I know I'm always making people sad and hurting them in some way. That's who I am I mess up I'm a failure and I wish I was dead. I always say too much or do to much then they all think I'm stupid or weird. Then I feel all alone inside and I stop talking for periods of time. I feel really cold like no one would even care if you took a knife to your neck. It hurts really bad and I feel sooo sad I know there's no one that feels like this it feels that way. I always see them all laughing and playing around havin a ball and I'm just sitting in the corner feeling so alone. I don't know what to do I've been keeping in everything for soo long and have been moving on. But I I don't know how much more I cAn take before ✊🔪😵
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Everything will be ok in the end if its not ok it's not the end

I will be praying for you and your situation! Maybe a journal could help you write out all your frustrations and meditation! Pray to god and ask him for some guidance he will show you the way! Remember god loves you so much and yes it maybe hard at times but you do have a purpose in this world!


Yw :)

If you ever think about killing your self message me ill help