So I showed this picture to my mom and she says .. "Look how pale you look, so ugly. Doesn't it disgust you to look at yourself? You look scary, like a skeleton." It hurts me to hear my mom say that. :,(
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You are actually very pretty and have amazing eyes. Sounds like your mom is using you as a punching bag to deal with her stress. Rise above it, be the greater person. You beat cancer you can beat anything. You are more powerful than you think.

your to meat bag to be a skeleton :D be happy , an dun worry about your mom <.< i'm sure she didn't mean it o.o or if she did .. eh as long as you like it thats all that matters.

But you're cute, I don't see how she sees ugly.

Your mom's words are hurtful. As your parent, she probably has projections of what she thought you should be or would be. In my opinion, you are beautiful. I think that if you feel that you are unique and living your life as the person that you want to be, you are exhibiting a strong inner beauty, as well.

If you touch a cactus it will stick your hand will it not? Don't share anything with toxic people who say things like that, find someone you can trust to share things with.

Well don't let it get you down sweetheart we all are opinionated and think what we think thats just her opinion in my eyes you great very attractive young lady 😍

It would hurt any one to hear that

I think you look great.

That is a terrible thing for your mother to say, from what little you are showing I don't see anything wrong and lots of potential to like.

I don't want to sound wrong since I'm so much older but I think you are absolutely adorable.

I don't want to be mean, but your mom is wrong. you are beautiful. I have a daughter that is going to be 15 and even though she is overweight, I will never say anything to hurt her. She is beautiful to me and I will do my best to make sure that she hears that from me every day.

:( what matters is how you feel about yourself. You must learn to love you. If you can't love yourself, you can never fully appreciate love in general. Much luck.

I think you look pretty and very hot

Those we love have the greatest capacity to hurt us.

On a scale of one to ten you're a 12. Don't believe what she says.

U look fine are absolutely stunning! It's hard to believe anyone else's comment isn't it? Mom's and especially dads have a very powerful affect on their children and shape how we see ourselves. My oldest girl is 10. She asks me EVERY day if she is beautiful. ..I always say of course you are!! Girls NEED that. So I'll remind you as often as I can that YOU...Emma are beautiful :)

💜 thank you !

Your mom is stone cold crazy. You are very beautiful.

Your so beautiful :)