I left soccer and i was driving and my mom and papaw was in the car with me and i didnt move over to turn because a car was coming i probly had time but i let it pass just to make sure and they both got mad because "appartley i didnt use my mirrors". I KNEW IT WAS THERE I DIDNT KNOW IF I HAD TIME! ugh i just want my license, everyone stresses me out! my mom came to stay at my papaws to put a christmas tree up with me, but she told me i cant go to the docter tommorw (for my asthma) because my papaw hasnt got my 300 dollars and i was supposed to go to the mall this weekend, but where its a new docter its like over 50 dollars to check me out, and my mom wants to wait but its getting worse and NOBODY CARES! and i need to go to the mall to do christmas shopping. Noone understands me, my friends do but most of my family doesnt get me at all. Well i got mad because i have soccer thursday and obviously i cant go now, and i told my mom im not helping put up the christmas tree, She can do it, i mean im not important. Well then my mom goes and tells my papaw that i have a docters appt tommorw, But hes going to get mad when we go down there and he has to pay all this money! and then i wont be able to do christnas shopping ): , I just wish people would leave me alone! i just want to live alone and have a job and go to college and have my own life and not have people freaking out on me for everything!
LifeHappensNowAnThen LifeHappensNowAnThen
18-21, F
Dec 11, 2012