Out of the Public Eye

I'm not a huge fan but the poor girl never really get's time to herself does she? I think I know if i'd had a problem relationship, family problems, commercial pressure, a baby at a young age, and Camera's in my face, my home wherever 24/7 i'd be pretty screwed up aswell.

The latest intervention thing happening might be for the best and probably help with her well-being, but once again, what a press-fest. I'd hate to be taken anywhere in restraints and a stretcher, let alone with a Camera torchlight and video staring right at me.

Anyway i'm pretty uneducated here, I just think it's rediculous all this press, the press is probably her largest issue right now and as they follow her everywhere they preach for her health?

If i sound anything like that youtube video please let me know so i can crawl into a deep hole never to return

I have to make a disclaimer here that i'm not a huge fan or completely up with the press surrounding this so i apologise if my comments are offensive or dis-regarding in any way

RainMan RainMan
22-25, M
1 Response Feb 10, 2008

THESE are the stories and people I appreciate.Even though your not that big of a fan,you undersand what crap she has to go through.You just gained a lot of respect from me :)