I Feel Sorry For Her And......

Not just for Britney Spears but for all celebrities who are idolized or in the spotlight. Lyndsay Lohan, Miley Cyrus, etc etc etc. One thing about celebrity lifestyles is that the minute they make ONE mistake, it is blown out of proportion and shouted from the rooftops. They do the same things normal everyday people do, yet because of their status, they are more heavily criticized and made to look like ****** and idiots when they do something the media doesn't think they should have done. Just wait until Dakota Fanning starts partying and drinking and doing sex scenes in movies, people are going to be ready to have a field day with that calling her all kinds of names. Just let these people live their lives. Everyone has to grow up some time and anyway, its their life they can do whatever they want. People should stop making other people their idols and realize NO ONE is perfect no matter what their status.
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Jun 19, 2012