She is still richer than us :) so be sorry for yourself :)
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I would have to disagree, she has been through MANY more hard times than we have

Oww yes britney has been through MANY more hard times than african kids, wake up honey!

you're going overboard that's for sure. I agree that she's been through some tough times but tougher times
then African kids? you've got to be joking you're in the 22-25 yo range you're way to old to be saying that and the saddest part is that a 15 yo is telling you that

OMG u re serious.. It was just sarcasm:0

well it's not something to joke about.


you sound like you're 6, honey.

OK. Im 6, you re 15... U re always right also perfect etc.

Hey, guys, why don't you just please stop, I don't like fights


Ok teenagers bye:)


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chill hun