I Feel Bad For Her, Too

She seemed out of it when she was performing.  Like she was lost or something.  Maybe she was on something, because she did not seem right.  It's a shame because she is a really good performer.
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I feel sorry for her, too,she actually is Bipolar(mental illness) and doesn't take medication for it, she thinks she doesn't.Poor brits.

i miss the old brittany

the girl needs HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

you r so right she just needs to get help and get away from all this commotion 4 a change 2 get her life staightened out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I always liked brittney but this thing with the kids really makes me question how much she wants them. I think she loves her kids but the way she has been reacting since they were born, cutting her hair, spazzing out, running through the street like she has lost her mind shows me that she is not ready to do the domestic motherly thing. its almost like she went into shock when faced with the reality of motherhood and not just being the carefree singer and girlfriend. I think she is not showing up to court dates purposely because part of her really is scared to take responsibilty back over those kids. I think brittney loves brittney the superstar but hates brittney the mother.

I agree that Britney is on something. She reminds me of Anna Nicole and I feel she is heading down the same path. The only peope hopefully who will help Britney realize she needs help is her "Family". It's clear that the people she surrounds herself around at wee hours of night are really not her friends and not out for her best interest. I would really like to see her life turn around for the better. I would love to see her enjoying her kids on a regular basis. It appears from the media that she only sees her children when it's convient for her. Again, I hope she changes her way's soon for it's not too late for her to take care of herself and her two children.

I felt sorry for brit after watching clips where she couldn't even go to McDonalds without the paparazzi following her. And as for her being nervous at the VMA's...puhleeease. She's done this **** a hundred times...she wasn't nervous. Was she nervous showing her coochie to the cameras? Hell no!<br />
But...after her no show at the court house where the custody of her very own children was up for grabs and she OVERSLEPT...come on. Over 50% of America is going through custody arrangements/battles and 49% of those mothers atleast show up for court, dressed appropriatley and saying yes sir, no sir. She screwed herself and if she was drunk or messed up and couldn't make court, then she SHOULD NOT have them kids. It was the one last thing she could have done for them kids and she failed them, just like she prolly always will fail them.

That performance was hard to watch. What was she thinking when she stuffed herself in that outfit? I'm confused as to how someone who has performed with such high energy could fall to that level.

I felt so sorry for her, she has had a bad time just like everyone else, the worse being broadcasted for all to see. I remember knocking my new born baby's head on a door fr<x>ame while he was in my arms, it takes some common sense and adjustment to realise you need to think for another being, so when she tripped and her son nearly fell off her arms I could understand but people just doled out criticisms. <br />
<br />
Compared to other 'celebrity' I think Britney is more normal than the whole of them put together, she is more down to earth than people realise, more in touch. She needs someone who has just that bit more common sense than she has to point her into the right direction without seeing stars or dollar signs after their name for being associated with her.<br />
<br />

Taneeshag......Geez....people are allowed to give their opinions here! I think you should take your nasty attitude somewhere else, no one here is stupid. As for Brittany, I think the poor girls needs to be left alone. I do agree that the press is too much in her face about everything!

I think every one this ******* site needs a reality check. Brittany did not do that bad, she just looked a lil nervous. So what! She's gone through some things in her life, we all have or will at some point in our lives. Who the hell are we to judge her or anyone for that matter when we can't even take it when others judge us. Bunch of hypocrites...Alot of these Motha ******* are stupid for alot of the Bullshit that comes out of their mouths. Imagine for a sec having multiple kids of your own, losing your marbles for a minute and having both the press and the whole world knowing damn near all of your business..Knowing when you eat, sleep, ****, ****, **** the whole nine ******* yards. You'd go Crazy too damnit...Get a life, and a ******* grip. Stupid people make me sick.

She definitely isn't ready to be back onstage & I wish she could be getting better advice from somebody.