Trying to Make a Ome Back

Britey Spears is just trying to make a come back but it ain't working. Even at the VMA's she was stiff as hell, so I feel sorry for ya Britney, but it's gonna take a LONG while before, you come back
Eamane Eamane
18-21, F
4 Responses Sep 10, 2007

Her new song is okayyyyy. It just repeats itself, over and over and over and over...god it was a disaster!

All i can say is i would love to see you people gettin up on a stage and perform at the vma's. by ur critic use must be amazing! Seriously it wasnty even that bad ive seen much worse i actually enjoyed it and her new song is fab!

exactly my point. Without her back-up dancers she would look like A moron

I agree. She was not ready, even if SHE thought she was. Guaging(?) by the way she had dancers to guide and assist her up steps etc her own team must have thought that too. Her PR team need sacking. They are responsible for her PUBLIC relations come hell or high water. Its a LONG way to the top but only a quick trip down. Sorry Brits