Chewed Up and Spit Out

The same media frenzy that created her stardom is now drooling over the opportunity to eat her alive.  It's so sad that people get some sort of enjoyment out of the suffering of someone, especially an individual who has no privacy for the last 7 or 8 years. 

This and the Anna Nicole fiasco seem to prove that there is a large and profitable market in America in exploiting women for their appearance, making goddesses out of them, and then throwing them away when they have either cracked or some new, more marketable and better manipulated individual comes along.  So long as people keep feeding the beast, so long will there be people who are chewed up and spit out. 
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Their in the lime light they no what to expect they should keep a low profile or just stop being a arse sorry I dnt have money ot stardom and probably been through at lot worse than her cnt be bothered with those who choose there lives to go down hill considering because they have money and if u think about it every famous person k<br />
Hits the papers because of drink or drugs ad nothing happens to them great laws eh now a normal commoner broke te same laws would have there kids takin away or social services in Ther back regardless to what this world brings to you money talks in every espect of life sad but true half the stories we read in the papers about celeb is shocking but if it were normal people it would be the chambers with out question I hate the fact those with money think they can just do what they want with out paying the penalty No Chance they get what they deserve just like the rest

If I was one of these woman, I'd eat this beast because I'm a Monster Hunter!<br />
Just a little question though, who's Britney?

i agree with you 100% i used to model than i quit because i want to be recognized for who i am and not what i look like there are some harsh critics out there too and my worst fear would be to be famous

Have you ever heard the song by Bebo Norman 'Britney'<br />
search ' sorry' on you tube. love the song, always had a love for Britney, never thought it was fair how she was treated.

A Self-Perpetuating Dynasty. <br />
<br />
America has exploited women for centuries. They are chewed, spat on, discarded, and **** upon as much as they'll allow. Society, the media, and (worst of all) other women cause this disease in our faces through every stream of influence attached to revenue available. <br />
<br />
I don't feel any pity for Britney Spears. She seems to have worked her *** off for her fame. She was particularly groomed and fashioned since infancy to become that cash-cow. <br />
She was a paparazzi favorite because she kept messing up-majorly & at times, purposely for slimy cameramen stalking her for the ultimate non-posed pic. (Hello, you forgot your undies! :~<br />
*Maybe we are desperate to reveal within the "latest gossip", fads and faux pas of those shiny people any morsel of a human characteristic that we possess of the same to provide hope, (or in many cases) worsened self-images; but in any case- to feel something good/bad or indifferent about someone sparkling for attention... that we will not feel guilty about pecking apart during office hours with the other hens. <br />
<br />
Anna Nicole-another Marilyn Monroe type saga; sadly, with a similar tragic swan song. She knew what was coming at all angles and did what was necessary for a woman in her lifestyle to live glamorously.

Britney is like an animal captured and domesticated for the purposes of consumption. Many great, powerful, and rich people are like this. Entertainers fit this almost exclusively. <br />
<br />
Their lives are wonderful until it comes time for them to be consumed. She will never be free of it. She is marked for consumption. A terrible and calculated end for that which captured her for her abilities. <br />
<br />
She is of all people the most unenviable. She is of all people the most envied. Who knows, maybe you too can become part of those marked for consumption. Are you pretty? Are you sexy? Are you remarkable in some way? Are you special? Are you talented? The trough is ready, the barn is full of hay and protection from all ills but you must be of the highest grade, fit for a king eat. After all, a king deserves the very best. OR<br />
<br />
Perhaps you'd be better off being a sheep for sheering yes?<br />
<br />
Oh and one more thing - They would never spit her out. How rude. Full and savory consumption is much more appealing I'm sure. I mean would you spit out the perfect meal that you truly love to eat?

tough ****, imo they dont have to live that way, they chose.

It is a lesson for the girls who feel proud getting paid and being adored for their beauty.

I seem to recall a season 12 South Park episode called "Britney's New Look" that parodied exactly what you're feeling here. you should check that episode out, that is if you're okay with South Park's style of humor.

You ******* mental reject. The problem doesn't lie with the media it's inherent in people like you. Britney Spears wouldn't let you lick the **** out of her *** and now you're here trying to protect her. It's morons like you that put these people on some pedestal, as to say they're better than anyone else only to get your feelings hurt when you realize they are actually human. You ******* wasteoid, you don't deserve a public opinion. You're an ***!!!!

KoS, you've hit the nail on the head!

Britney shaving her head has gone over the top. She needs help. She need it a long time ago.

I'm convinced she has bi-polar disorder.

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