I Do!

I have just seen photos of what she has done to herself n felt so sorry for her!!

I totally adore her no matter what she looks like or how she acts! but all the media are always there watching her every move!!

She has done well coping with it up till now n now shes just showing the media to just back off!!

I don't understand what peoples problems are with her!
She has been out alot lately but she has just split with her husband who treated her like a knob constantly so shes just trying to get her life back!!!

She is also under criticism for keeping her newest addition away from the media! but so what they wouldn't like there children splashed all over the front covers of the papers n magazines! shes just trying to be a good mum to her little boys n everything she does is slating her!

I don't think driving her car with Sean on her knee was the cleverest of things but she learned that lesson but no one whats her to forget!

I know alot of people have gone off her but i will like her forever! she is still a star n absolutely gorgeous with or without hair!
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People hate Britney Spears because she is UNTALENTED. If she was a ***** crack addict but actually had a shred of talent inside of her, people would look past all of her media scandals.<br />
<br />
Think about it. Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain... they were drug addicts, far from acceptable by societal standards. But people don't care about that when they talk about them. When mentioning Hendrix or Cobain, people talk about their immense talent from Jimi's mad guitar shredding to Cobain's amazing songwriting abilities.<br />
<br />
But drugs and scandals aside, what does Britney have to offer? Do you honestly think she would be famous if she didn't show off her cleavage in her music videos? What is her talent anyway? Name one song she actually wrote by herself. What instruments can she play? What song of hers does not involve autotune? I'm sure Britney would be a nobody if it weren't for the cash-hungry music industry that cares more about profit than talent.<br />
<br />
Because eventually, all the media scandals become a thing of the past, but her legacy of music is what stays with her forever.

It's not fair to mock people about having or not having talent.
She HAS talent.
Her talent is struggle.
And even if someone has ZERO talent, no one's got the ******* right to judge. So PLEASE.
and it's not even about having or not having talent, it's about what someone is going through and how the selfish world has to display it for the rest of us to see and JUDGE.
Don't judge.
And don't relate or compare FACTS because every person is different with a totally different story and totally different situations and totally different histories and totally different bends in the roads and things that nobody else will understand.

I feel sorry for her too at these moments in her life. But I also believe that with all her past decisions of trying so hard to be apart of the media and being a sex symbol that it is what she gets for it. You can abuse yourself in the past to be happy but it will comeback and haunt you. I always knew this day would come. I hated when she went from the good girl to wanting the attention so bad that wearing less cloths and parting was the way she chose. People who party hard and act like life is just parties and sex; and when they get depressed after and depressed, I just feel like they deserve it. I feel bad for the state they are in only because I care too much but to me it is deserved. Her kids will have a hard time growing up because of her. Poor kids didn't even get a chance. You know the media will be all over them and it was because of her decisions. I can't imagine if one of them googled their mom and saw her you know what. I hope she gets better but I also hope people could learn from this.