Life Sucks

I feel sorry for my whole family.

I'm sorry for my uncles (5) because they are alcoholics.

I'm sorry for my aunt who is obese, old, and can hardly walk.

I'm sorry for my mother, who gets to deal with me and my brother every day.

I'm sorry for my father, because he doesn't have a real job, and has never had a place on his own.

I'm sorry for my brother because he has severe cerebral palsey, and cannot do anything for himself.

and.. I'm sorry for my sister, for she is going through a tough time. She is married to an a-hole who has cheated on her multiple times. Well, she found someone she liked, and she told her husband. They're getting divorced now, with three kids. The guy she left the husband for is now avoiding her, and she is trying to move into an apartment on the fact that financial aid from her husband's mother is now going to stop.

Yep, life sucks, and I feel sorry for my family.

UnknownAngel1991 UnknownAngel1991
18-21, F
Feb 2, 2008