Why Me?

Everyday I feel sorry for myself and ask why me. All I ever wanted to be is normal, popular, liked, loved. Why do I feel like I am paying for every mistake I ever made. Why can’t I be happy. Why can’t I stand up for myself. Why can't I get my family back. Why didn't I make the right decision’s in my life. Why am I here. WHY WHY WHY
Sorriso Sorriso
46-50, M
4 Responses Jul 10, 2007

think if u was with ur familly ,u would think that u still made the wrong decision cz we never like what we got.and never to late anywhy.

life is what you make it, then why is my life ****! i have to hide my life from my family, freinds n myself!

Hate not yourself, for there are others more deserving. Find within you the things you cherish, that which you love, only then will all the pieces fit and you will find the answers you seek. Do not become like me, and make hate your mantra.<br />
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Accept your mistakes, and learn from them. Experience is the mother of knowledge.

I wish I had the anwsers, I ask myself the same thing every day!