Narrow Minded People Are Playing The Role Of God!

Somebody who is narrow minded thinks that they are at the center of the universe. Who are they to think that they are an authority on every subject. That they know all that there is to know. Why don't they give other people the benefit of the doubt that they might know something or have an insight that might actually be true. I guess being a know it all and a narrow minded person go hand in hand. If you know everything then nobody can question your incredible airtight. knowledge. . Case closed and there is know room for anybody else's input. Because after all you are the standard and receptacle of all truth and knowledge.

I feel sorry for narrow minded people because they will always be stuck in their intellect never to grasp new truths and insights that might enhance their life and free them from their selfish pit of thinking. To me being narrow minded is an expression of utter selfishness and vanity. Just think how many marriages would be saved and how many wars would be prevented if people would just open up their mind and see things from a different perspective. Just think how many relational problems would be resolved if others would listen to others view points and might admit that their way of thinking is faulty or not totally true. 

Don't get me wrong, I don't believe in being open minded in the sense of accepting  or tolerating what everybody says. I'm open minded to truth. Truth alone. Anything but truth is a lie and if you don't believe this then you are narrow minded! That's because there can't be nothing but truth. Truth is the facts not what our narrow minded thinks is truth.

perspective101 perspective101
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1 Response Feb 13, 2010

You're right perspective101 but I think humans have a natural inclination towards narrow mindedness. In order to learn the truth of anything one must first accept that they need to learn, and then understand that this will require courage and a bit of work. Who are the most open minded people that you know of? How many of them are selfish, uneducated, undisciplined or lazy?