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They get mad at us because they accuse us of shoving our religion down their throats, right? What about them shoving their hatred of God down our throats? Then they argue with us that Christians are the ones who are guilty of starting the battle of rubing our beliefs in their faces first and so, that's why they retaliate by belittling us and God. They always refuse to take any responsiblity for their negativity, but they surely blame others for their hatred, including Jesus Christ. Their faith is in Richard Darwin. Their theory is Jesus, who was the only sinless and perfect person, was never ordained to come into the world, be crucified, and die for our sins, as far as they're concerned. Their Son of God/ Messiah was Darwin. They have the philosophy that Richard Darwin, who was a sinful and imperfect person, was the real savior who was meant to die for the world's sins. You know what this reminds me of? Remember when Jesus went before Pilot and Pilot shouted to the crowd and asked who he should release to them, Jesus Christ or Barabas, who was a criminal, and they told Pilot to release Barabas instead of the Lord. You know what else is really funny? I have another forum I have on God, I don't recall which one it is, I'd have to go and look again, but I saw one of the members of this forum I made, is an atheist, and I'm telling the truth about that, although it may seem pretty farfetched. How do I know that? Because I checked out this person's profile and saw all the other experiences this person joined are secular and the friends this person has are atheistic too. Go figure?

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I cannot stand atheists, they are the devils sockpuppets and the devil uses them to aggravate, provoke and when possible, to underhandedly attack decent people through 'legislature', slimy lying media and mob mentality. We are on the doorstep of the tribulation, the time to repent is now, but as it said in Revelation, many will refuse to see and they will just mock and spew profanity and run their vile mouths until they are destroyed.

Actually. I don't waste my time on this kind of discussion. I am an apatheist. That is someone who is an apathetic atheist. I don't believe there is a creator, and I don't give a darn what other folks believe as long as they mean or do me no harm.

I feel sorry for people who don't have any beliefs period, but you're wrong about Atheists. Most of them don't hate God, they just don't believe simple as that. Unfortunately Owl was the first one on here and Owl is as bad an example of Atheists as Blacksheep is of Christians.

I take full responsibility for all aspects of my life, I don't have a super jesus who is going to come and magically wipe away my sins. So I have to be honorable, kind and loving all on my own.<br />
And I am .<br />
Than being said christaianty seems to propagate intolerance; intolerance of homosexuals, intolerance of other religions and intolerance of any thing that doesn't fit their cookie cutter god mentality. <br />
You want to start making things right? You want some sort of respect? See to it that my dearest friend who is gay can marry the man of dreams here in Texas, see to it that your religion doesn't disturb our schoolchildren by studying myth, make sure our government doesn't legislate on your narrow minded concepts.<br />
Then you can have my complete and total respect.<br />
<br />
Oh, and in life outside of EP I have many friends that are christian, we avoid a lot of topics, but we are friends and I am there for them thick or thin. <br />
You see I practice what I preach- TOLERANCE....<br />
can you really say the same?

Sugardove, I'm glad you are more understanding and compassionate then several other people who supposedly are Christians like they say they are.

Thanks for writing this story, I agree with you a 100%!

You're kinda cute, but disturbing all the same. Hatred for God? I can assure you that you really can't have hatred for something you don't believe exists. Think about it for a can someone hate something that they don't think is there? You think disagreement is the same as hate, and that's why I feel sorry for people like you. I was raised Christian myself, but as I've grown and learned from life, I've formed my own beliefs that seem to fall into the Agnostic category. Agnostic basically means that you don't pretend to know anything. I think most non-believers fall somewhere in the category that humans simply can't know for sure what's out there. <br />
<br />
Then there are Atheists. The term Atheist only means one thing: Non-belief in a single entity that created the universe. That's all it means. It has nothing to do with hatred for God. In fact, I'd say it's near impossible to hate something that you believe doesn't even exist. It would be like hating unicorns, the tooth fairy, or Santa Claus.<br />
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It sounds like to me that you have your own issues with the emotion of hate. Look, it's a big, BIG world out there, with lots and lots of different beliefs and religions. Embrace yours if it makes you feel good. Let other people's opinions go. I know the Bible wants to spread faith, but think about this: if you try and spread it like this, you aren't going to win anyone over. All you can do, if you feel like your religion is the only way to go, is to live it yourself by example. Others may follow, and others may not. You are a human being and no matter what you think, you have no right to judge anyone else. Take care and worry about yourself. And as others have pointed out, it really wouldn't hurt to get your facts straight.

Freudian slips are amusing. <br />
<br />
Go back to worshiping Judas Christ.