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My reasons are because you have to deal with men and them cheating and hurting you and not truelly loving you like they say they do blah blah blah.Besides hetrosexual women don't know what you are missing out on with being bi-sexual and lesbian.A woman in my opinion does anything a man can do 20x better and their bodies are more beautiful in my opinion.And if you want to give me hell for writing this I am allowed to voice my opinion on this matter but meh I am mainly venting on my personal experiences with men.I need to let my feelings out because I have been hurt countless times by the opposite sex and I am ******* over it and done so don't waste your breath trying to tell me don't give up on men because I don't want to ******* hear it.That is pretty all I have to say about straight women to each it's own I guess.
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"...I am allowed to voice my opinion on this matter but meh I am mainly venting on my personal experiences with men." I'm sorry to read that you made such bad experiences in past relationships :( But I would feel the same way if those past lovers would have been women instead of men. All human beings are capable of hurting each other emotionally so someone who would have never been with a man in her life could have made the same experiences you did. So what I take away from your story is not to stay away from men (!), but to stay away from people who would cause me nothing but pain, sadness and tears!

You are certainly entitled to your opinion and I am with you on women being beautiful. But I mean I have run into women who are seriously twisted and seem to get off on hurting people so it goes both way and being female does not make you predisposed to fidelity.<br />
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But this whole story sounds like a bad 2 dimensional Hollywood stereotype. All men are pigs and men made me a lesbian. Can we say cliche? I think it is healthy to vent and get stuff off your chest but I think you need to distinguish between the men you have dealt with personally and every other man on earth and put it into perspective. As for your orientation that is something completely unrelated that you need to figure out on your own.

Those were not your exact words but the comment about men being cheater and not loving their partner says pretty much exactly the same thing. I merely reworded things. You are right that you never said men made you lez but the tone of the story seems to imply that somehow men mistreating you somehow was responsible for your sexual orientation. Maybe that is not how you intended it but it comes across that way and sounds like one big cliche like I mentioned.

No problem. I like write and one thing I have learned is writing is about 50% the intention of the writer and 50% the perception of the reader. :) For what it is worth you seem like a really nice person and I am sorry to hear that anyone would hurt you regardless of gender. :)

So if u have "given up on men", I ask u do u consider yourself lesbian? Or bi? [with a 90% leaning towards women?] I agree that women are more beautiful, but then I am male & willing to negotiate......I find women more bitchy in the workplace though, it's all about about competing, showing more cleavage, *** & dressing sexually.....what happened to demure??