I Feel Sorry For the Victims of Peru Earthquake

Last   Wednesday evening Peru has a magnitude 7.9 earthquake along the southern coast of Peru. so far At least 387 people were killed and some 1,050 injured by the powerful earthquake The number of death continues  rising  ,and more then 80 of the houses and building has being destroy . They are without electricity, water or communications, they really need help, they need food and water, clothing ........  I fell so sorry because on of the most needed countries in south america is Peru and now this awful event make things even more complicated to them.  The goverment of Puerto Rico will send help, including basic needs, I will go this afternoon with some friends to the center to donate some boxes with food/water and clothing. We need to help those in need.......we never know who's country will be next.

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1 Response Aug 20, 2007

that is so sad. <br />
but good for you for helping.