I Helped, You Can Help Too

The day before yesterday my friends and I went to the capital to a centre where people can bring foor and basic supplies for the victims in Peru.That centre is organized by the goverment and they will send the basic supplies as well as a group of persons to help rescue and restore the buildings.We bought bottled water and canned food and diapers. We also took clothes we dont need and put everything on a big box and deliver it to the center. When we got there , there were a lot of people like us willing to help our brothers in Peru. A guy with a "staff" shirt tell us we needed to divied the stuff  we got in our box into different boxes . So we did.... Im really happy that we did this and at least we try to help, it was not much compare to all the stuff they need, but a even a drop of water can build ocean....
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1 Response Aug 22, 2007

Wonderful! As you said...we are all brothers & sisters! I had not heard of this earthquake...but I too am going to see what I can do. <br />
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A few yeas ago when there was that really big earthquake in Pakistan, I donated clothing & a bit of $. When Hurricane Katrina happened I went to yard sales & bought blankets & clothing & donated that along with other items. We can all of us help in some small way. Thank You for this story.