A Few Spiritual Laws

Someone asked me to share the spiritual laws that I found throughout my journey.  I suppose some of them are truths. Some I wrote down while learning them and some have become a part of me. I hope that they serve you as well as they have served me.

Anj's Spiritual Laws of a Great Life


Take the time to meditate in order to feel your true self or soul.  It will feel like energy as you are non--physical energy contained in a physical vessel.  Align yourself with the light or sound that is Source and allow it manifest  itself inside of you until it becomes your main focus and perspective.  Do not allow yourself to be trapped by the outside world into thinking you are personality or ego.  You are Soul connected to Source always, it is only your awareness of this connection that weakens or intensifies as you align with more negative or positive energy.  The more you  know your true self the easier it is to rise above the struggle of life, or transcend the struggle and move into a level of being that allows great freedom and peace. Also, If you go through negative situations, meditation will allow you to rid yourself of this and maintain only a positive energy aligned with Source. Source will not join you in your negativity, It does not connect with that low level of energy. 


"God" is just a word made to speak of the higher power and it is just that, the highest power from which all life is created.  The energy of Love, the Vibration of Love is God, and from this life, is created.  The simplest understanding is that of humans coming together in love to create a human child as an expression of their union. Love is unconditional and creative and feels great.  It is our work, to be aligned with Source energy in the understanding that it is love and fills us, is the only way or mode in which to conduct our lives. There is no other understanding.  All forms of God with faces or arms or legs or body is false. God is an energy, an entity, it is not in human form. IT is not a "he" or "she" , it is an "IT"! It contains both masculine and feminine and it is universal.  It is reflected in us as soul, that is the image of God that we are made in.


Life is not what we think.  Source is the only real and living thing in existence and as Source expands into the universe it is making itself into that which it has never been before.  This is why we are here to expand ourselves into being something more and better and love filled and progressive, then before.  Life exists on many levels and some are physical, material realities and others are of a spiritual nature. It is important to understand that the only rule of this illusion is that we create experiences that we have never had before.  This universe is based on attraction , so what you think, feel and do is the vibration of your being and if you vibrate being afraid then the experiences that make you afraid will manifest. If you vibrate loving life or appreciating life then you manifest experiences that reflect this.  Your experiences are only a reflection of what you hold in your vibration.  Therefore clean up your vibe through meditation and only think, speak and act on the things that you want to experience.  If negative is around you, don't make a sound, don't bring into your feeling place to be angry or hateful, and certainly don't act on it by being destructive or aggressive.  Keep your attention on that which is wanted.


We live in a vibrational reality as science and technology become aware of this concept through String theory and various other topics.  The truth is, that our reality vibrates because time and space in their relation to one another vibrates.  Time and space are constantly in a state of fluctuation and movement and therefore we must vibrate in order to stay connected in this space.   As humans we experience a time when we do not move or make sound (another form of vibration) or consciously feel, we call this time sleep, which is used for acknowledging non-physical energy and allowing it to process the stimuli in this environment,(experience) in order to stay connected and allow time and space to receive the programming and create reality for this individual life.  In our conscious state, when we acknowledge our non-physical being and it's Source we are connected immediately. In this connection our Vibe is stronger than those who are not connected.  In this connection and truthful understanding of being vibration, we vibrate what is in our attention and this is what is manifested as our reality.  We are servants to Source in creating our life experiences.  As we want more than before, we use this non-physical energy and thus we use more God force, in holding this God force within us to make our reality we allow Source to utilize the matter called "nothing".  Source becomes larger and deeper and more intense as  it expands into this space and becomes our life/reality/experience. Our work is to honour our vibe and stay deep in our connection to Source, and keep our attention on that which is wanted and has never been before. 


We are non-physical energy connected to its Source. Even as we pass through our physical bodies and experience death, our Soul does not sever its connection, it re-emerges itself into Source energy.  It becomes eternal, truly alive and all that it is meant to be.  The connection to Source on this physical plane only weakens or intensifies, there is no disconnection. Ever. We must activate our vibration and align with Source energy through mediation and the understanding of "Good thoughts, good words, Good emotions and good deeds."  There is no detachment from positive emotion, only from negative emotion.  Always be aligned with Positive emotion as the human experience is allowed to reach a range of emotions not available on other levels of life.  This is true for the negative, but again, Source does not share the experience of negative emotion, so make your life easier and stay on the positive side of your feelings and this will intensify your connection to Source. Awareness to Love and appreciation is practicing love and appreciation, and this is the best way to let Source Live through you.


We live in an attraction based universe.  What you think and feel is your vibe.  If your vibe is negative than you will attract negative. If you vibe is positively positivity, then you will attract positive.  This is most important as there are enlightened beings that are on the path of Co-creation and manifestation, and this law is most important for them. As they clean their vibe and become more aligned with Source, Source will create that which is in their vibe, simply because of their attention to that which is wanted.  This why your thoughts are so important.


Everything has an opposite, light and dark, warm and cold, happy and sad.  From a spiritual understanding we are not to care if the experience is negative or positive, the universe doesn't care, reality doesn't care.  This is where emotional detachment is applied. Source only connects with the emotion from the experience.  We are to feel positive emotion as this will create more positively emotional situations for us to experience (law of attraction).  If you get hurt, don't focus on "ow I got hurt"  focus on , " I'm stronger now than I was before," or "I know better now"  focus on"now I have more clarity and know what I want!! I want to feel good, deeply, honestly, and happily!"  Contrast is not a determined set of circumstances. It is your ability to gage your emotions on a spectrum that contains positive and negative. The more your emotions connect on the positive range, the more out of range the negative stays. Remember that Source will not join you in creating experiences unless you are on the positive side of your emotions/vibe. A simple change in your attitude about staying focused and praising the positive will create an internal change with in your life that will begin to ripple and change your physical reality. Focusing on the negative will only keep you aligned with where you are, no change will occur. 


If you want to change the world, change yourself!  If you want more peace in the world, engage the peace inside yourself through meditation. If you want more love or kindness in your world then infuse your meditations with love and compassion. If you want more wealth then align yourself with Source and feel abundant!!! If you feel you want to leave your mark on the world and be known for some amazing idea or thought form or concept, then align yourself with Source and feel creativity.  IF you have a lack, do not focus on the lack, focus on the contrasting experience that will make you feel complete. 


Good or bad, you are responsible for your emotions, thought, actions and creations.  You can not attempt to make your reality beautiful while hating someone else for making it ugly.  Nothing makes your life ugly but the eyes you look at it with.  You are responsible for the actions and emotions of those effected by you.  So choose wisely, how do you want other people to feel around you?  Do you want to be a person that is loving and is lovable, or do want to be someone that is hurting and is hurtful. If you can create a positive emotion in others like inspiring them or motivating them to expand, then you to will be inspired and motivated into expansion.  Write down how you want to be known, then you will easily recognize what you are.


This law is directly related to expansion!! Being that which has never been before!!!  This causes manifestation more than anything else, especially if engaged with freedom or love or appreciation.  You must grow and progress out of your current experiences and expand into more.  This is engaged by growing or learning more or feeling better energy with where you are right now. So, if you are frustrated while paying your bills because of your money situation, focus on the feeling of freedom a lottery winner has when paying their bills - it's not an issue, it's just another activity, maybe they feel appreciative or grateful that they can pay their bills, and take on that attitude.  This internal change will create a physical change to be your evidence of evolution.

I will let you chew on these for a bit.  Soon I will go over the law of synchronicity,  expectation, belief, manifestation.
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