"Tuned In Tapped In Turned On!!!"

Alright my dear spiritual friends! I have been undergoing some deep learning about how to align vibrationally and manifest what I want.  As you all know, I am a practicing student of Abraham hick's teachings and I have always felt a deep connection to these truths presented by abe to the rest of the world.  So abraham says:  " what we vibrate and what we get are always a vibrational match." Thus logically concluding that if we want something more or some change then we must vibrate that which we want in order to create an alignment for it to manifest into our experience! Got it!! Been doing it and truthfully, I have been loving it!!! Okay, next thing abe says, "As we experience contrast, we add it into our vibration, (soul's energy) and sometimes when we don't feel good, it's because we have to clean up our vibration, by meditating twice a day, once in the morning a nd once in the evening, for fifteen minutes. As the meditation is a state of non-resistance and we are creating more moments of non-resistance to fill our energy up instead of the clutter of those experiences that were not wanted in the first place' Got that too! So for the past year, I have been meditating and slowly have created the ability within myself to know that when I see something not wanted, I purposely, deliberately turn my attention to things that I want and love experiencing. Instantly this practice makes me feel better and I realize I am no longer in the position of having the world make me go through junk, I have the power to control what I am feeling and to control how I act.  So, now I am spiritually energized into knowing that I don't need to look at the junk int the world and watch the news, I can turn my attention to my family loves me and I love them and I look forward to winning the lottery and travelling the world, and how gorgeous Santorini, Greece is in the summer and how I love Paris, and how amazing the Toure d' Eiffel is and (that's Eiffel Tour) how I am thrilled to be looking out into it's streets and all of the Housemen Architecture and the alignment of the streets and I forget the junk was even there in the first place, because I create my own raging rampant of positive energy inside of myself.  So, even if my dad is recovering from pneumonia, I have the positive energy within in myself from being me and looking at what I want, in order to deal with his moodiness, and discomfort and not pull it into me, but stay positive and nice and patient and caring and treat him with the energy of, "I feel great things within myself and I know you don't believe it, but I do,  & I know you're going to feel better and come on this journey with me of seeing this beautiful world. So, don't worry, I won't take in personally, just take care of yourself, and try not to complain, and sooner or later, you're going join me in feeling good and you're going to feel what I am doing and your going to join me in my positive thought and my positive feeling and your going to be better than ever!" 
So, I  have got it!  I deliberately turn my attention to feeling good and to feeling the stuff that I want  and to the having of it and enjoying it!  I do this and I begin to feel the vibrating that is created with in me and I begin to feel the vibrational truth about myself and Understand the truth that this is an "Attraction " based universe! and as I think and feel great about my desires, I begin to vibrate for them? maybe it's more. I feel my greatest desires and I begin to vibrate emotionally the fatantasticness of enjoying them and as I vibrate this enjoyment joyfully, lovingly, I create a vibrational alignment with them, signalling the understanding that I am pulling the manifestation of it to my present moment.
 So I get the vibrating part too! And I understand that My thoughts to it and my positive emotion with it create the alignemnt of it being attracted to me!!! Got it! 
So, this is what I have spent the last week learning, deeply.  An old Asian philosophy:  "If you can taste the evening meal, then the fire to cook it has already been lit." This means to me; If I can savour and enjoy that desire which I want, then  the action pathway has already been completed , and all I have to do is to enjoy it, and joyfully go through the actions of the getting it to me, because it is already on its way.

Okay! So this is where the spiritual experience happened.  Last night, as I live in Canada and we are a hockey nation, and our local team of the Vancouver Canucks are in the Stanley Cup playoffs, we all watched , the whole province watched the game against the Boston Briuns.  Great! The big deal about this is, that since we had the Olympics last year there was an amazing electrical sensation that was in the air, I suppose that was the excitement level of all the people that were particiapting in the happening of this event.  So as the this was our home team then I was vibrationally picking up on the electrical vibration of all the people in the city that were excited about the game.  That's why I wrote about Something in the Air, Living abundantly.. This excitement for this game was in the air.  I get it and I was happy to be witness to our home team winning.  These hockey players are more than just multimillion dollar paid athletes, they are members of our community and are actively involved in the Canuck Place Hospital for kids, where terminally ill children go to have some home time with their families and recieve full treatment for free, while living in a homey atmosphere. These players donate their time and money being with these kids and creating awareness for donations.  They do alot of good work and just recently, the Captain and his twin brother, Henrick and Daniel just dontated one million dollars each to The B.C.'s Children Hospital renovation project, because as I said they are members of our community.  And as they incurred alot of really great Karma and love from their fans, both healthy or otherwise, they have created so much love and admiration that even when they don't win, we still and always feel a vibe of electricity in the city. Anyways, we won the game, and felt the rush of we are the champions, no matter where the Stanley Cup goes!
 So as many people were celebrating in the street, and honking their horns in traffic, late at night, I lay in my bed satisfied and proud. 
Then, suddenly I said to myself, "Great Spirit, come in sit in my heart because right now, I am content and happy and this is an awesome time to sit in my heart, as I  am just happy to love You for all the great feelings I have felt today!"  I felt my connection with Source come flooding through me and over me, then I heard in my consciousness, which sounded and felt like my conscience say, "Think of how it would feel to have all that you want."

So, I began my most profound experience.  I experienced, was transported visually, mentally, emotionally and vibrationally, to the place where I am at after celebrating my 60th birthday, I am laying in my bed, with my soulmate, and I could feel the wamth of his body and the weight of him in my bed, and I felt comfort, and then I begin to think, "What a great party! I love being surrounded by my nieces and nephews and children and other family. I love the laughing and the dancing and the celebrating!  I'm so happy everyone took the time to share their day with me.  I am so thankful at the amazing quality of my life and how many wonderful things I have been a part of.  Thank You God for making it all possible, thank You for having created all this love in my life and for teaching me spiritual truths to make it real.  It's all real and it's all filled with love, and thank You, God for making it mine, and for filling these expereinces into me and for making alot of my life so beautiful, and those things that weren't all that great, they weren't so bad, and thank You for keeping me in alignement with my true feeling of "feeling great" and all the greatness I have felt through all my life.  I have loved all the beautiful things and all the happy things and I loved the lovely things the most!! I loved the faces and the holding the hands and sweet sticky kisses of all the children around me that have grown to be the brilliant people that show me Your light shines in them.  I love the moments that we have shared with all my loved ones, that have been special and life giving and sweet.  I love my life! and all the joy and fun! This is what I agreed to when I asked to come to this earth to live and have this beautiful physical experience, and I thank You, God for making it as spectacular, as you did! cuz, this is it! This is what I wanted and I love it!!! I love this gift of life you have given me and everyone, cuz I understand how precious it is and I understand I put all I had in me, into it!!! I love You and I thank You for this!!" 
 I soon came to the understanding that this wasn't in referance to my 60th b-day party, but a spiritual expression of my fantastic life!!! Of the spiritual expression of all of our Fantastic lives!! And as I type these words, I am deeply humbled and ecstatic about the gorgeous truth of living our lives from the end.  Of seeing our life from the end of having what we want and how deeply we enjoy them, because it is in us to deeply enjoy them!  As I type these words, I have to tell you my friend, that you are witness right now, to my spiritual growth and relief of being human. My relief of the struggle and growth in to freedom.  I now, understand, the depth of the truth, "We are spiritual beings having a human experience" I feel alignment with that truth right now, as I have never felt it before!  I understand that I am out of the problems and back into the solutions, I know that I am living  in my end moment because it keeps me focused in the bigger picture of the fantanstically brilliant  creation and the living of life.  I am complete in my desires and I am complete in the loving of them as I have loved them from the beginning of myself as I sit here and type, to the beginning of my end, when I thanked God for all life, envisioning the end of the night at my sixtieth birthday. I am successfull, I am complete,  I am fearless, I am calm, I am humbled, I am so loved, I am full of love, I am free! and I am one with my Source. We are One.
 Great Peace and even greater love to you my beautiful beings,  I thank you for being a part of my very timely enlightment. We are one.
I hope you take some time to think about your life from the end and how great it will feel for you, maybe you will see me there!

Your friend, and greatest admirer,


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Thank you Anjel, that was amazing. Your honest experience feels so warm and uplifting. Hang onto that no matter what may come. You've been shown. Never never allow that truth, that vision from God to be stollen from you. It will keep you safe through all and any life challenges. Many a sad soul has woke up one bad day - and believed the lie - that all is lost! How sad, they forget the truths they've known, turned cynical and walked away, lost in time. I Love the ex<x>pression you have given here, for the miraclous vision so clear yet in your mind. Never Forget! Thanks for sharing that because its just what i needed tonight. Jim