God/The Universe

I enjoy taking the time to talk to the Universe either by focusing on what my goals are or being thankful for what I have.

I take a few minutes everyday before I go to bed to remember what had happened throughout the day and say and be thankful for the events... even the "bad" ones.... the people who had come into my life and the lessons that I've learned. I also think out and plan the next day and focus on my books and ask for the openness and creativity to finish them.

My time with God isn't only at night but whenever I think, feel, experience or see something that affects me. I will say thank you and graciously accept it. Even though I'm not religious I am spiritual and I feel much happier and aware because of it.

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I commune with the Universe every night before bed too. It is easy to feel the Divinity under the night sky. Over the years I've become more open and receptive. I don't have any specific goals other than to continue to grow. I feel taken care of by the abundant, nurturing Universe. There are times when it is hard to stay in the moment, but I frequently feel in flow with the Universe. I can honestly say that I wouldn't change anything I've experience in my life, it has all been highly educational, even if it hasn't always been pleasant. I am grateful for all the wonderful learning opportunities I've had. I look forward to continued growth and spiritual evolution.

Thank you, CalicoSilver, your comment was beautiful and thought provoking!

Focusing on goals and practicing gratitude. Separate and distinct.<br />
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Focusing on goals and practicing gratitude. Incongruent and disparate.<br />
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Focusing on goals and practicing gratitude. Fire and ice.<br />
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Could a goal also be gratitude?<br />
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Stay focused on the path - the one path where contradictions no longer exist.

*Beaming* Thank You!

You have spoken from my own heart! I give praise and thanks for every seemingly unfortunate experience, for that is where I gain the most wisdom!<br />
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I am grateful throughout each day, I consider each breath a blessing. I thank God and the Universe for so many things throughout the day, and when I hear of something tragic I send a prayer to those involved, even though I'll never know them. When one soul hurts, I hurt too. And I gladly bear any burdens like this because it's my blessing to have compassion for all. <br />
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Even the most cruel and hateful among us have some grain of goodness somewhere inside, we must pray for this to grow and reveal itself so they will be happy and live to give happiness to others. There is no greater blessing than to bring comfort to others, that's why we are here! Sometimes we fail to recognize blessings as such. We need to look at everything in the right perspective to see the value hiding behind what seems unfortunate.<br />
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The meaning of life is to live a life of meaning! Be a blessing and you will be blessed even more than you already are.

You are really on the right track. Gratitude for what we already have is so important if we want our dreams to manifest.and visualizing how we want our day to be is so powerful!