Years Of Misery And Upset Made Me Who I Am Today !!!

Years of sadness and misery made me depressed , worthless , and nearly destroyed me emotionally , from a young age I experienced a lot of emotional conflicts , that tore me between love and hate and anger, at some point with out going into what actually happend in my life nearly killed me , but guess what I'm still here standing tall with my head up high, I dnt look back now and feel sorry for myself I took it and learned from it to make sure these things don't ruin my future any more, it's been a long long road to get here but I think I'm finally getting to we're I want to be and all I want to be and do is to smile and be happy, not an expensive gift to ask for , so I'm hoping tht at some point last week in my life I decided enough was enough and its took to much of my energie bein miserable so iv decided to stop these negative thoughts and start with positive one and I think it's working thank god , but I will tell you better next week after a stressfull week at work a house full of kids and handful of chores see if I get stressed ha ha only joking life is for living lets do it x x
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3 Responses Mar 7, 2012

Sounds like the journey was long and hard but, made you strong. I'm glad for you.

nice.... keep up the good work

Lets do it...You can do it