Walk Into The Light

heydeho all  i don't know where to start other than the fact that i allready have .I have recently gone through spiritual emergence and i believe  . I see and feel things differently now .I previously needed proof for everything.I would scoff at mystisism. My comprehension seems to know no bounds. It is as if there has been a cleansing  and rebirthing .There is now logic in the fact that i don't need it .In the past comprehension has always involved understanding where as now it is acceptance that is the validator. I accept that I am  empathic and it is not the isolating curse that is has always been. I love to love and am free to love .In reading some of other peoples experiences  and allowing myself to feel i am humbled by it . my meditation technique has opened me to the wander of communication. It is a conduit  to a higher place.LIFE life is movement it is the gaps in space. it is what creates It is completely fluid.it is the line between what is and what isn't. It weaves its way through  that that is , was and will be. life is what says yes it is always moving and it is positive it is a singularity and every singularity is the beginning of what always was. if you relate to that then read on  because that is the point we can choose  "yes" i have a choice and i choose yes The acceptance of that identifies the duality of everything,if i can say yes i can say no.The duality  pivits on a singularity that will always finds a way to balance. the singularity is the point between who and what i am. Life is and is as simple as that
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Mar 18, 2012