A Dream That Was Real

I would like to start this out by saying durning this time in my life i knew jesus in thought, but not spiritual. i have faced many things throught out my life and wanted so much to serve the lord but i had listened to so much of people's input and i thought i had to be, i guess perfect before i could be saved. but to have a dream that got my attenion, i was on medication and was facing a hard time in my life and i felt fear and hurt, i just coldn't get a grip on things that i couldn't change. i knew by being raised in a home of parents that were christians, i knew jesus, but didn't know him spiritualy i would cry alot and hurt cause i just wanted to be a change person meaning i did not want to take medican to keep from being afaird of things, i took the medican for a while not sure just how long ,but it was months i guess. one night i went to bed and i was thinkinking that i didn't want to take medican to get through life, and i said a sample prayer i said lord if you don't want me to take this medican, show me and i'll never take it agin. and i went to sleep,,,, i dreamed that i was in a maze and the maze i was in it was all green bushes and i heard a child cry and i walk to find the child, and finaly i noticed the child it was a little boy that was siting on the ground with his arms around his legs with his face into his arms, i knew that i could help the child so i pick him up to take him out of there, and as i got out of the maze i noticed a building that was green it was a green like i have never see here on earth, and i took the child to a man that came out to meet us i couldn't see his face but i could notice him from the neck down, he was dressed in a white robe and as he took the child out of my arms these words he spoke,,,,,, FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH THEE...  and then i recnized he was jesus. he went into the building and i went back into the maze and then once more i hared a child cry once more and i walk aroud till i fount the child and at this time it was a little girl and she was  the same form like the little boy was and i knew that jesus would take care of her the same way he did the lilttle boy so i took her out the same way i took the little boy and i came upon that same builing and here came jesus back out the same way and he spoke to her the same saying,,FEAR NOT FOR I AM WITH THEE,,, he went back into the building and i wanted to see just were he was taking the children too so i went in and inside the building there were water in the floor clear as a crystal and i felt the water on my feet and i looked and saw  water running down the walls and across the celing and as i looked up i felt on drop of water on my head that went conpletely through my body and i woke up.... maybe some people might think what dose this have to do with being spiritual well my friends it does cause jesus showed me that medican isn't the answer to my life and now i serve him and i have calling in my life to preach his word to help the one's that may be facing the same thing in life that i faced, and these two children in my dream, jesus was showing me that i must help people come to him thriugh the words he puts in my mouth and that my friend is spiritual..  PRAISE GOD HE LOVES ALL AND WANTS TO SAVE ALL FROM THE WRAFT THATS COMING. o-yell i don't take the medican any more..... and now he has changed me.

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That was very inspiring.... beautiful story! :)

I am the one that wrote this story,, see i forgot my password and had to use the name chosenone 2003..lol silly an't it ,,, i put this dream in the dream part,, if any would like to read it feel free to read... god bless all i and i hope and pray that this helps all that need help... god bless u- all

Glory to God! your story has inspired me so much. You see I have been on med's for a long time now . probably 6 months for chronic neck pain and for my back , knees ....lol seems like for every part of my body. Lately, I have been asking the Lord to give me His wisdom with this situation, because I feel as if I am becoming to dependent on them. See, I know we serve the same God and if He delivered you then He can do the same for me.. thanks so much I know God has just given me confirmation through you. May God bless you richly in His love and power.