the Spiritual Moment

Once I began to quiet my mind, I discovered that there were many moments in my life which lent themselves towards a vibrant type of spiritual experience.  By spiritual experience, I don't mean anything as dramatic as speaking in tongues, having a vision or hearing voices; rather, I mean to describe the moments that arise when one is simply neck-deep, perhaps overwhelmed, by the experience of being alive. 

Such experiences have become more common as I have learned how hateful and destructive I can be towards myself.   I used to be plagued by memories of awkward moments from my life (typically my adolescence) and I would find myself constantly criticizing what I had done in the past -- this, despite the fact that I could not change what had happened.  In my mind, I would relive the worst moments of my growing-up in an almost sadistic manner, never content to cut myself a break.

Alternatively, there were times when my focus would be on the future instead of the past.    How brainwashed we are to compete with others, to constantly compare our successes and shortcomings with anyone and everyone.  What if I don't pass the important test, or don't get the right job?  What if I am not as important or famous as my friend or some other contact?  What if I never meet my true love?  Such thoughts can wreck endless havoc in a person who has yet to take time to get to know himself in any meaningful capacity.

Yet the moment someone can sit down and get to really examine what makes him or her tick and begins the process of observing the mind in it all its wrappings, these fears fade away and never return.   I started to realize how meaningless these thoughts and anxieties were, as they involved things I could not change (the past) and things I did not know (the future).   The moment that actually mattered -- the present -- was being overlooked in a forest of worry which I was needlessly sustaining.

The geniune spiritual experience does not involve an alter, a prayer, or a priest of any kind.  It is a true connection with oneself.  The more a person examines the perhaps endless depths of his own being, the more he begins to realize that the Almighty holds court within each of us, providing a silent sustenance even in the most desperate of hours.    It is we who insist on creating our own mental prisons which mask this presence in our everyday lives.  If we might only remove the shroud of fear, we might see the presence of the holy of holies within ourselves.  At such a moment, there is a complete understanding of the mystery and beauty of our own place in the universe, and that each of us -- despite whatever illusion to the contrary -- is in fact the universe.   
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I think jesus may have meant in some ways exactly what Seraphim was saying, about finding the way, the truth, and the essence of "god" or divine spirit only through truly connecting with and knowing oneself. It is through mindfulness of our thoughts, actions, feelings, and spirit that we discover our true and deepest connection to "the creator" and the loving light of the Universe. <br />
When he said "I" am the Way, Truth and Life, I believe he doesn't actually mean himself, but to look inward into ourselves to discover our Way, Truth and Life. And No man (or woman) can come to the father except through "Me", Me is us! Every individual has to find their own path to Oneness. <br />
<br />
Peace, Love, and Light!<br />

Nicely said! I grew up religious household. I didn't like it or understand it. I also grew up spiritual in my teens. Spirituality was just a "hobby" that interested me. Now, I understand it! Physically, emotionally, and spiritually it hit me! It was right at home, no bibles or anything like that required! I want to try new spiritual churches and have a deep connection beyond the mundane. What you described really hit home! :)

wow great story.. I swear the second paragraph is exactly what I'm doing to myself right now, couldn't of been explained better.

Brilliant!! Thanks to you I had the courage to post my Tuned in, tapped in turned on story! Thanks for the inspiration!!

Yes! It's easier to control a wild tiger.Than control the restless mind!

How very true! In being mindful and meditating, I've learned to some degree, how to start letting good the past and enjoying the Now. <br />
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Wow, beautifully said! You inspired me to become more in tune to my Spiritual side! Thank you so much for this story :]

I have found out that for me - the moment to be happy is now, this moment I am in.<br />
This is the greatest day of my life so far . . . and I expect tomorrow to be even better.<br />
Sadness is a feeling that I can use to alert myself so that I can steer back towards happiness. It's hard until it's simple. It's simple until it's automatic. Then it starts changing my world faster than I can fully be grateful for all the blessings I have. My happiness can compound on itself. Even though I cannot give enough gratitude to each blessing... I just try to live in gratitude and get to as many of my gratitudes as I can - impossibly amazing.