Lead Me ...

We all have times when it seems that our life is crumbling to pieces . There are days , or weeks even, when it seems that everything that can go wrong is going wrong . be the loss of a job, death of a loved one , or the end of a relationship , we doubt that we will be able to survive the changes that are happening in our lives . That's when the world is falling upon us that we find our greatest faith in a loving Higher Power . There is no human being that can alleviate our suffering , we know that only God's care can provide the comfort we seek. We are shattered but we move on , knowing that our lives will compose herself . As we progress we recover and grow, faith in our Higher Power cod help , we are certain to face difficult times with a sense of hope , despite the pain that we feel . No need to despair , because we know that the care of our Higher Power will guide us as we can not walk by ourselves.
I will delegate the care of God the moments of pain , knowing that my Higher Power will be there
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Dec 6, 2012