I Don't Know What It Is

I have felt like there is something different about me compared others my age. I can sense when someone is coming, I feel a sudden urge when things don't seem right to me. I can walk into a room and "feel" weird about a given situation before it happens, or I can "feel" if someone I first meet has a good or bad personality. I have smelt things when people I knew or loved died. For example: The strong smell of urine when my grandfather who spent a lot of time in the rest home, past away. I have heard things in the middle of the night, like slippers walking across the carpet the night after my grandmother past away. I have dreamt of my other grandmother wearing all black in her home where she lived, the front door opens and she tells me she's fine. I walk towards her feet begging her not to go, but she tells me every thing will be ok and exists. With me, it's a lot of "feelings" rather than actually seeing or hearing things. I always tell myself there is something very spiritual about me that I need to figure out, but when I try to meditate or ask for a sign..there's nothing. I feel a connection to myself, a connection to life, but I swear I feel like I'm missing something! It's like I'm eager to figure out what it is, but nothing. As I get older I question age a lot. I fear the thought of death, but something tells me if I just figure out what it is with me that I don't know, everything will be ok. How do I get in tune with my spirutality on a level that I don't quite understand yet?
Mareeyuh Mareeyuh
22-25, F
1 Response Dec 12, 2012

By going within and attuning yourself with the REAL you, which is the Beauty and Joy at the core of each of us. This is normally done with a good meditation technique -- not one that just teaches you to concentrate, but one that teaches you to control the mind and concentrate on That Within and to enter therein. The best technique I was able to find is Kriya, but not the Kriya that's online these days.

Kriya is a whole different world, so different that it usually takes a good deal of preparation to get started. If you think you'd like to venture there, you might get started by reading AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF A YOGI by Yogananda.

(And you might find inspiration in the Bhagavad Gita.)

Congratulations on being aware of this soul urge at your age. Go for it. You are more amazing that you can currently imagine.

Thank you, I feel like something is itching in me to come out I just need the determination to do it