Divine Moments.

Have you ever tasted that blissful moment? When all your senses were assaulted with joy?  A pure blanket of goodness that just lit you up from inside.  Illuminating your soul and sending every shred of darkness in your being scurrying out of your aura in fear.  An orgasmic afterglow that once lit radiated from you infecting all those around you.  The purest form of love where no trace of evil may remain to taint that heavenly ensemble of light.

Imagine a world where we could all have that all the time.  Truly a magical place. So the next time your spirit is ablaze with the radiating harmonies of tranquility and goodness make sure to pass them on and around to those who need them in this world.  Whether you know them or not is immaterial.  Life is a rollercoaster and you never know when you may depend on your courtesy being returned.  Even the most enlightened have moments of pain.  Even the most loving need nurturing.  We are not sealed systems but an endless bank of synergy.

Shine like a diamond when you can and burn bright with love and light whenever you can.  Never be afraid to absorb the same when you need it though.  The energy banking system allows for withdrawls and deposits but try to keep your account in credit where possible.
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4 Responses Jan 14, 2013

Inspiring and visionary.

A good reminder. :)

Thank you. It's nice to remember those amazing moments on the not so amazing days i think.

It's a good idea. I'm going to try to remember that.

I remember such moments and wish that we could spread it equal for all the unlucky peeps to feel it too.

or everybody could have it on the same day. what an amazing day that would be.

I just TOTALLY loved reading this BB...Thanks for sharing such a nice dose of happy!! hugs and hugs :)

Thanks sierra dear friend. Its nice to be happy =) *hugs*