Once i was in the woods laying beside the trees, just laughing for a long while. I walked around in the woods, just wandered around, finding paths. I felt the stars in my neck. I started to feel I was in One with the nature and the Universe. Its like recieving healing, you can always give back to the source you recieved it from. Feelings from the heart, loving the nature and appreciate all creatings and humans aroung you. I felt i had to watch my thougts, they would come back some day the same way again, like a weel of Love.

After that journey in the woods, my life never have been the same.

I have tried to find the same feeling in my heart from that day.

But one day a friend of mine, her name is Anja (clairvoyant) had an experience of spirits disturbing her daily life with her boyfriend while living in a haunted house. We meet over a beer sometimes and talking of spiritual experiences. Then she told me she got a new boyfriend on a website for dating, recomended the webpage, and i was trying it out.

But i didn't felt like this was something, so i gave up, until one day. I found this girl, just stare at her eyes at her profilepicture. Something just came up to me, i have to talk with her. This girl is special, and I got intuitive information of her life, just something random while looking in her eyes.

From the day i saw this girl in live person, i felt this glow in my heart, starting into a fire.

The fire still burns, like the universe is watching the fire.
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Jan 15, 2013