Yes I Do Feel Spir...

Yes i do feel spiritual and it id that feeling that gets me through the rough times. BUT i do not believe you have to go to church to be spiritual. As a child i had to go to church, and ironically noticed that after the service, people would be obnoxious in trying to leave the church, i found this somewhat hypocritical. I refer to many church goers as the *one a week service believers*. Once they felt they did their *duty* some of them were the most UN-religious (spiritual) believers i ever came across.
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Church is an instatosion, like a mental instatosion,and jail too in America, it is full of these instatosions,,,and I can tell you I do not like a place that lies just to get you to act like they think you should,,,I was born in 1960,,,and I am so glad I was born at that time,,,because I am the sign that whrilling rainbow vision,,,that shines in so many of my kind,,,,its sad that more don't come and be warm,,,,in their hearts which groan with such crys of pain,,,I want to see all of you in heaven with me,,,cause that is what is truely what was meant to be,LOve and Light Reunite and be One Heart full of Love for all things that are....mary sorta ruins it..its like bastardizing the religion..peopl are clsoemidned