Quantum Energy Theory

I have been on a path of understanding the quantum energy theory. I have found great interest in this subject and it has proven its self to me through many of my manifestations. I have been practicing it for about a year now and I do admit it is hard to release prior teachings we have learned about spirituality through our upbringing. This seems to be my greatest challenge, not to go back to the old way of thinking. I do believe in god, although my god is supreme higher energy and not exactly what most have pictured in their minds. I believe we all stem from this supreme energy and hence we are all one.

We ultimately create all that we are and the power of the mind is our greatest gift as well as our greatest enemy. We write our own stories, the more energy we spend on one thing, the more we get back through the power of intention. We manifest our desires, we manifest the good in life as well as the bad. Take a look at what you have been thinking and be consiously aware of how it has impacted your life. If you think you are, you are....if you think your not , your not.


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Our souls are extended
Throughout a simultaneous now.
Forever wherever,
Limited only by what imagination
Will allow.
We are but a channel
Within the omnipresence of God.
Extending, befriending,
Everywhere, everywhen...
The sails of love unfurled
On seas where we've always been.

I could never get many people to understand simultaneous time with normal, spoken word, so I started resorting to verse many years ago.
The idea that many are starting to embrace quantum reality (ies) makes me feel mankind truly is starting to reach that next tier, one step closer to cosmic consciousness. Our "When-aissance," if you will.

Is there a name for this type of belief? I finally have found a "known/common" belief and I don't feel alone anymore. I am agnostic but I would believe more so in this quantum theory. That our "conscious" dessipates to the universe, if there is a God...God is more so of a force rather than a human being and that we are all connected and stem from one. I still have so many questions.

This just brings me to so much ease. I don't like Christianity, Muslim, or Judiasm belief with the thought you go to hell because you don't believe in this or that OR with hinduism that we can be a plan or another person again and again and again which saddens me.

Quantum theory with the idea that our thoughts bring things to life and that we make our own heaven/hells based on our minds makes more scientific sense than any others.

This is how I am trying to live my life but some days are easier than others because I've had the stinking thinking for so long it hard to break free from . Thank you for the post...I think more people are waking up so to speak.

Check out the scientist.......Nissum Harrimein(I hope I spelled it correctly)........he is being compared to the Albert Einstein of today. He proves in a sense through science...................GOD.......google him on coast to coast......or get an idea of him on youtube.

I've come to realize that even all this matter doesn't matter.

Are we still awake?

a relaxation of your mind and spirit in just the correct sequence and attitude will find you able to transcend<br />
the physical world - you will find yourself soaring across the firmament pass interstellar galaxies, stars, and all the wonders of creation

Ok first this is not ment to make any one mad But i must agree it is more of an energy theory and that god is part of this energy and not a real person (and as never been one) it is a the energy of cosmos that is made up of deffert type of energy spaning for electrical ,to magnetic and more. there is also some other thing that make this cosmos like plasma and gravity. but as for a person that is in the mind and the teaching the churches as for me im wicca and

Clarification time> There is a difference between "Quantum theory" and "Quantum Energy Theory".<br />
"Q-t" does state that energy is matter and matter is energy, and therefore there should be energy ob<x>jects that are smaller than atoms, it goes on to claim that those same energy ob<x>jects are what cause matter to become substantial--ie particles.<br />
Both the particles and the energy ob<x>jects are called quantums--which means the smallest amount of energy. <br />
<br />
"Q-E-T" States that the mind is able to affect the unseen energies and asserts that those energies are quanta, or quantums--building on the "Q-T"<br />
<br />
Spiritualism further asserts that there are aethers--of spirit, divine, animal, demon, elemental, celestial, yin-yang, non-existence, etc--that the being of the person can affect. In "Q-E-T" these are all lumped into being quanta, or don't exist at all and then it only deals with quantums.<br />
In the spiritualism movements including newage, the "Q-E-T" was applied to the occult beliefs already in place.<br />
<br />
That all said, I see in LyricalWarfare's story a combination of The Quantum Energy Theory" (from fringe science) and other theories from spiritualism and religion: creating one's reality, manifesting, principles of attraction.<br />
<br />
I think flitsandstarts points out some methods that brought the connection between spiritualism and "Quantum Energy Theory"<br />
<br />
The problem with much of the misunderstanding, is that quantums are defined mass, and in the quantum world life, mind, being do not exist, only energies and particles, it is the greater worlds where these begin.<br />
<br />
For those who are familiar with both they no what is being talked about by the content rather than the terms.<br />
<br />
fyi: ."..when our soul perceives the same level of awareness that Einstein had when he stated the e=mc squared (energy equals matter)"<br />
<br />
Einstein was merely musing about the energy of light, basing it on a much earlier French scientist equation E=mv squared (v meaning velocity); stated "the energy of an ob<x>ject equals it's mass times it's velocity squared."<br />
<br />
Einstein's velocity was "c" (the speed of light) for the equation because he was figuring the energy of light. He later used "c" as his constant for his theory of relativity.<br />
Never did he claim that energy = matter, that was another atomic physicist who used his equation to explain what was happening with splitting the atom. (Which, btw, is in contention again.)<br />
<br />
Mr. scientist checking out. I'm also into the "Q-E-T" as it applies to shaping one's life.

There was a very inspired book written by a Fritjof Capra, brought together hard core physics with spirituality. Capra is a physicist, a Nobel Prize winner. He was working on quantum physics, at one time and suddenly had a 'mystical' experience - the type described by mystics in many places, at different times in history. He experienced the world and everything in as being made up of energy, and not matter. One mystic who describes this experience a lot is Carlos Castaneda, the American Indian shaman. Capra's main idea was that these experiences happen when our soul perceives the same level of awareness that Einstein had when he stated the e=mc squared (energy equals matter). I read this book, The Tao Of Physics years ago and the idea has always stayed with me.

for me,i really believe about the this law,and it's absolutely true,life is so easy and good if after knowing and apply to all my life daily...<br />
<br />
"Thank you"

@jouster: Daddy doesn't approve of my learning about hardcore physics! But Daddy doesn't know that I've read all about it!! And watched other people actually doing it!!! Maybe someday I'll get to experience it for myself -- will YOU show me? Tee hee. ;-)

All interesting view points. I too grew up in a strict Catholic family, including going to mass every holy day and weekend, plus 12 years in parochial schools. I started to question what it was all about when I was in junior high and after. I couldn't 'get' what people spoke of in their 'love' relationship with God or Jesus. I simply got nothing out of going to mass and stopped going. I went through some years just like many friends of mine, some of which changed their religion. Today I am still a Catholic, but also call myself a Christian, too and I consider myself more spiritual than religious. I feel that to experience and see God, one doesn't necessarily need to visit Him in church, but can see, feel and hear him throughout all of life, including nature, animals and other people every day. I actively am aware on a daily basis that I am on a journey and am manifesting what I need and want in my life and I try to bestow upon others the positive and goodness I want for myself first. The mind is a powerful part of who you are and your energy affects everything you come into contact on a daily basis. <br />
<br />
I questioned everything in my religion and faith to myself because when I posed the question to someone close to me, it was all black and white answers. I felt that as an adult I had to explore and question on my own. <br />
<br />
I heard the phrase, "God is everything or He is nothing." I had never doubted the existence of a powerful entity. I still think to ask those who don't believe there is a God, what do you have to lose by just believing that there is something more powerful, greater than everything? If we look around at all there is going on in your body and in life, and the beauty that comes from within and in all life, and try to see one good thing about the people you pass by each day, there is that marvel or miracle to bestow. <br />
<br />
Back to the topic @ hand. We are given free will.... which does not necessarily mean doing right from wrong. We have the free will to think, change, choose our thoughts and who we are. What and who I am as a person, I try to share my positive energy with others. I make lists either in my head or on paper and I send them out to the universe. True, there are 'takers' out there, but my 'giving' unconditionally doesn't cause me to feel as if I'm giving too much or that the scales are unbalanced. The 'takers' are in their dark portion of life, such as I was at one time, and need those positive gifts from the givers most of all. <br />
<br />
For me, it used to be, "Please God Help Me." and "Why have you forsaken me? " or "Aren't you listening to me?" Today it is, "I'm alive, I'm here, what is it you wish to show me or have me do today? Please put those people in my life whom I can be most helpful to or those whom I need. And by the way, you may need to hit me in the head with a brick, because sometimes I am not looking in the right place or I'm too stubborn to notice." and at the end of the day, "Thank you."<br />
<br />
Just be careful for what you wish for..... God (or whatever you chose to call a higher power) does have a sense of humor. <br />
<br />
To me, there is a God, and I am not He/She.

The real test of understanding Quantum Physics/Mechanics is when you realise that you are "GOD".

@vachaknavi: Turn the DVD over! There's extra content hidden on side two.

I've been living my life according to this principle for 5 years now. ask me anything, all I can tell you that it works.

Hi LyricalWarfare.<br />
<br />
Have you watched the movie '' What the bleep do we know?" If not watch it once. You will have more understanding of the theory.<br />
<br />

Get into the Chaos Theory and probably you will change your mind again....The bad news is that God doesn't exist. The good news is that you don't need him.

wicked cool. i agree. hell yes. God may not be a he or she but definitely power and energy..infinite probably! i always try to see the light inside people...their heart colors...their crown color...their root chakra colors...and sometimes I think I can see them...dimly...like embers...cause I know everything has energy and emits energy and has an energy aura...so with that in mind I try to see clearly..instead of trying to see what's just in front of me...but instead see really what is dead in front of me...well not literally dead haha :) every breathe I take in I try to be aware of as well as the slow exhale outward...inward life...outward...being aware is what's important! <br />
namaste! :)

quantum, or quanta in the plural have nothing to do with any faith. the study of quantum is particle science. and as you may or may not know faith and science clash like oil and water. there is one particle that is energy, the photon, it is all forms of energy light and heat. the greatest particle physicists were Max Planck--the man who developed the theory of planck time, Werner Heisenberg--the heisenberg uncertainty principle, Erwin Schrodinger--the theory of schrodingers cat, Wollfgang Pauli, Niels Bohr and Richard Feynman.


lol very well put as for the Christian believe what u want in the end the truth will show and by the way dont make fun of my name i dont want to waken the rest

Well said. I agree completely.

Thank's for you post tomolan.<br />
<br />
You might not be able to see God, but I and many others have experienced them in our lives.<br />
<br />
I don't criticise you for having your eyes shut - why have a go at me cause I have them open?<br />
<br />
I'm sorry you haven't yet experienced God but I'm sure that at some stage of your life you will and you will be left with the choice of whether to accept that.<br />
<br />
In any event, I wish you well and don't want any animosity or antagonism.<br />
<br />

I think the Catholic teaching about grace and judgment is often presented badly rider810.<br />
<br />
It is simply that God loves us and wants us to have an intesely personal relationship with him. However, he won't force us because this isn't love. Thus God accepts 'No' as an answer. The punishment you talk of is simply to be without God - which is what the person wanted in the first place. <br />
<br />
Also, because people find it hard to have a relationship with God, He tries to help us to come to Him by giving us gifts that help us to see Him (this is called grace). However, God still respects our freedom not to accept the gift to approach him.<br />
<br />
The way I like to think of it is that God is giving us the light we need to find Him and walk towards Him, but sometimes people shut their eyes and refuse to open them. The result/punishment for this is darkness.

Great post MitchandMaureen. Thought it was really good.

"Quantum theory by definition cannot have anything to do with a supernatural spirit or soul because it is a theory of the physical." <br />
http://uk.youtube.com/watch?v=6Dq454iFp2c&feature=related<br />
Would anyone agree that a bridge has to be 'FELT' (mystical) between YOU the creator and the quantum field? If we build it with LOVE we are a god. If we build it without LOVE we create the opposite.

watch this video please it may interest you http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JWXJUNkkKj0

It isnt always easy Willow, And sometimes harder to realize that you may have brought on tough times yourself. It is through these tough times that you may reflect and further understand how you have made this your reality. And it is in this understanding that you acknowledge what it is you need to do in order to make things right for yourself. Dont get down on yourself if you do experience a situation such as this, but rather think of it as a learning experience and embrace it because it is leading you on the right path to becoming everything you desire. Without teaching there is no Knowing/Understanding. Just remember that it is your story and you have the power to make it whatever you want it to be. Your future lies within your Manifestations. Believing is the first step.

what you describe I was taught as metaphysics, and you are right, the hardest part is breaking away from our childhood teachings, and harder still to change your thinking concerning some areas of life, but it worth the effort because once the thinking is changed, the circumstances change no matter what they are. You are absolutely right. If you think you are; you are! I am still learning how to think I am.