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I could write about this topic, till morning, it's almost 10pm.. on a Sat, and here I sit.. sad.

Anyway, I will see if I can keep it as simple as possible. A couple years ago I had a spiritual awakening. some time not long after, my girlfriend and I were walking out to the truck, she says, "do you hear that?" "hear what?" I said. That continued about 6-7 times before I finally got loud, "WHAT IS IT YOU HEAR?" "crickets" she says... "I don't hear crickets..all I hear is the plant (steal plant) and a car comming up the road" make a long story short, it was Jan/Feb (Crickets hibernate, google it, there were no crickets to be heard.) Ironically, the same night, my mother (whom lives clear across town, heard the same thing.)
Wanna read something really freaky...

Anyway, there are a whack of things that happened to me all around this same time. My girlfriend and my best friend tried to have me commited. Since then, I have learned something. We take way too much for granted. Everything happens for a reason. I mean everything, from as simple as a leaf falling near you to an accident happening in front of you. They all happen for a reason. I met a man in.. better still I will let you read something I wrote one night when the girlfriend and I were about to argue.. I decided rather than follow her into the room and continue the argument, something told me to sit and right.. "I had made a comment to her about something I noticed that she said only her Dr ever noticed, she said I didn't have a "paper" to say the things I was saying.

“Random Event” Is there such a thing as a random event? Is it simply the fact that everything happens for a reason? Ever notice when you sit in a room with the door closed and nothing making noise other than a radio, the radio seems to know the right song to play? Is it a random Event, or is there someone else driving the bus of your life? I once met a man while out of town. We had a lengthy conversation about his relationship with the Lord. He tells me to look at life like a movie. After years of pondering this profound comment, I have sort of gathered related experiences to say, “I agree 100%”. I mean after all, ever notice how you sense danger coming and you take it in stride, why, did you think you could before it happened? How often are you shocked, or caught off guard? Is it carisma or carma? Really, the only thing missing is, IS. Here’s something to mull over, can you think of anyone or anything that just IS? Can you name it or does it have a name perhaps already?
I know that's now how you spell Karma, it was just a punny..

Anyway, I want to try and make a small post on all or at least half of the experiences I have joined.. so I will write more here later, as this is one of my more intriguing topics.
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Yes I have experienced same thing but I was told it is dellusion

Your story and your thoughts are pretty concievable. I wish I knew why things happen the way the do, but the truth is only God knows why. That song made famous by kid rock. Anyways i suffer from depression, and the feelings and the thoughts thaty come from depression are very real and very scary at the same time. I think it's the war that rages on in heaven between God and satan. All suicides are caused by satan attacking the mind i have no doubt that why God says the one who indures til the end will win the crown of life

Congratulations on becoming aware. I have the same experiences. Yes it is amazing, and it is wonderful and no it isn't a coincidence. Sometimes you just know.