How I Am Spiritual...

I think spirituality is a beautiful thing. One isn't confined to a specific doctrine or belief.  Being spiritual allows you to believe whatever you want and have it be right and beautiful for you.  That's why I am not religious but chose the path of spirituality instead.  

I became spiritual when I was a senior in high school and my mom was inflicted with terminal cancer.  And in order to cope I would pray every night.  But not to God because I don't like to define him, but I would just pray to a higher being in hopes that my mom would live or at least stop suffering.  Unfortunately, she did not live but she did have a relatively painless death.  

And when she passed away I began praying solely to her.  Whenever I pray I pray to my mom and speak and chat with her.  Because she is my personal God, my personal hero.  And I believe that when people die they become a brilliant star lighting up the darkness and shining down upon you.  

So my spiritual beliefs may be unsual.  But to me they are just as beautiful as any religion.

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this is a really nice story