I Am a Spiritual Being

 I am a spiritual being having a human experience. My journey has taken many life times to reach this point. I have had some times that have been very high ,and some times that have been very low. My views are not very welcome in places like church. But that is ok, one thing I have learned about humanitie is there is alot of self and little for the whole. I believe you can call yourself anything you like, it does not mean it is the truth. "To thy own self be true."Who ever said that knew what it was all about. Be real, and loving to all things. Love and Light Mary

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I just want the world to be real,,,and quit all the mean and ungly things behind,,,lets all go on though to the other side,,,I want the whole world to be shining their Love and Light out to the whole world in 2010,2011,2012,,,you do that for three years stright,,,and of my goodness what a world we would have than,,,Mary

Thanks for sharing sister, love and light mary

My views are not very welcome in places like church. <br />
~~~~~~~~~<br />
Yes, the doctrines of men can be dangerous.

thank you for this story mary. i think it comes with age also or it did for me.

forgiveness comes first and it starts with each of us,,, forgiving ourselves first and then others,,,,then the Love comes flooding in like a sweet steedy rain shower cleaning us,,,, from the out side-in to the end side out ,,,,,little twist there,,,,the Love is the blood that flows between all of us to The Father and Mother of heaven. I am so happy to just be a human who knows the whole truth and I am free in deed,,,,to just be me,,,its so beutiful,,,to be me,,,,see all of humanity should feel all this real love,,,,,for real,,,,mary

great comments in here thank you so much for being here with me I love all my friends on here so much,,,,<br />
Bob marley I love Bob marley and that song means alot to me too....don't let them change you or rearange you,,,,he is sing to love,,,,and ponder this could you be love and be loved,,,I am LOVE and yes I am loved by alot of people,,,,who really believe in me.....It took everything that is matter to make me and my beloved,,,,this is not an ego thing one day it will all be reveiled,,,,love and light mary

I have no time for religion. In my heart I am a student of God's Word and I believe by Faith and not by sight!! We are definitely spiritual beings having this experience. I believe the Bible, not doctrines and man made traditions. GOD IS LOVE!!

Love & Forgiveness--the key to life!!

You sound like me! I don't know! :D I feel as you do, I like what I write here most of the time. I know i have good intentions and I know I'm constructive and I try to contribute and try to help out. I have given my time to charity work etc. but what I keep getting told is that I don't Love from a place inside me that other people can.. like I don't give from within myself I just fail to be part of any Love. i don't know, I'm getting a bit beyond my language capabilities here!! :/

Yes you make perfect since, however, how can you know that you are loving your self? I know I do not love myself as much as I do others. I just don't feel as important as the rest of the world,I know that sounds stupid, I am happy with myself, but I am not taken care of myself like I should.

"there is alot of self and little for the whole." <BR>I quite agree. It is possible for us all to do at least a little more for others. I tend to get caught-up in my own problems, and I think that I am being held back from really giving Love to others because I am not really giving it to myself. I need to fix myself. I think I'm too eccentric to really, not crasie just eccentric. I think a lot of people probably get caught-up in their 'inner-turmoils' and they need to focus on sorting that stuff out so they can Love fully.. mayb.. IDK.. do I make any sense?