Im Feeling Deeply Emotional At the Moment

Deep powerful feelings right in the center of my chest, my hands are hot and kind of feels like heats coming out of them.  Im lost to know how to deal with whats going on.. but its like im anxious and then im not.  Strange!

AdamDavids AdamDavids
5 Responses Mar 10, 2009

Man, that is very powerful, I know exactly what you are talking about. The heart chakra opens in me in prayer... It is the most beautiful feeling ever.

I heard of reiki and am actively seeking out a master teacher to show me how to do it. Though im weary of a practice that is said the only way to learn is to be atuned by a master and you cannot learn by yourself or from reading books.

I feel this way almost everytime that I pray. It is a great feeling of release.

As you said, maybe it was repressed emotions. i hope you are still feeling good. <br />
Take care!

then i went to bed and i started to shake for a few minutes, i think somthing inside me like repressed emotions were being released. Feel good today, happier to be honest.