I don't think of divinity as being remote and unattainable. I think of divinity as being intimately woven into the fabric of the human being, from the ability to heal and create diseases to supersensibility.  There's an unexplainable feeling of relatedness in communities that work together.  Carl Jung had it right when he said that neurosis is a "god-related" disease...Too bad it seems to be on the rise today.

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1 Response Feb 15, 2007

God misinterpreted.<br />
God not seen.<br />
God blamed for all things apparently bad.<br />
God thanked for all things seemingly good. <br />
God cursed when he/she is not as we expect.<br />
God saved the little chlid and let all the others die.<br />
God saved no one. <br />
God saved three out of 5,000. <br />
So, I guess we curse him for the all the others that died. This is done out of one side of our being. We thank him/her for all those saved out of the other side of our being. <br />
<br />
Better still, let us all become schitzophrenics. One half of us will love God and the other half will hate God. <br />
<br />
This is about as "spiritual " as I can get.<br />
<br />
Those of you who have God figured out and believe He/She is only good. <br />
I am happy for you. <br />
<br />
Sincerely, <br />
<br />