I am all christian i follow the teachings of christ. to be a christian you always come to some kind of conclusions awares of your enviornment have a six sence of things the un explained and through all of the knowledge the bible teaches us there are things missing.are we sopose to know? yes we are we're all on a journey to find the truth any question write me

Jordanne Jordanne
18-21, F
1 Response Feb 18, 2007

Jordanne: I am assuming that you are born again by the spirit of God according to the Bible. If this not so, God is calling you to enter into that relationship with Him. You have been given a prophetic gift. This 'sixth sense' is what is called the gift of "Words of Knowledge" and is given by the Holy Spirit. Some people call it intuition, but it comes from God for the purpose of guiding and warning us. Pat attention to it. Ask Holy Spirit to teach you and guide you so that you can be a willing, useful vessel of the heavenly kingdom. You are truly blessed!<br />