Spiritual Or Selfish

i am a happy married man with two loving kids. right from my childhood days i have not been emotionally attach with any one. even at the time of my father death i had no emotions. my wife calls me very selfish where as i think i am spiritual. any one share my view.
nomadman nomadman
46-50, M
2 Responses Oct 29, 2007

Having a spiritual need can outweigh everything else and leave us like robots in life, but the needs of the spirit include a balance with the coropreal, the normal things of life, like relationships. They are the ground on which to build your personal temple. Do try not to be religious about your spirituality and hurt others, because the Tikun for that can be very harsh!

I think people tend to make comparissions. Maybe she wants the typical kind of marriage you know the loving one, the woman making dinner to the tired man that enters to the kitchen to give her a kiss on the cheek blah blah blah. The thing is for this idea that society give us, we tend to forget what we have. Like, for example, there is a man that hates to dance, but he dance with his wife because she likes it. He make an effort, but what most of people think is that finally this grumpy man is gonna dance. I don't know if I gave my point of view clear, but the thing is she should understand you. And you can make an effort but not change yourself completly, just little details like a kiss on the cheek or "you look beautiful today". For me that'll work, but I'm not your wife so i don't know if she could notice it, but you can try. Of corse if you want to. And also play with the kids, But don't change who you are, because that's what makes you YOU.