My Ode To Stress

My ode to stress

stress is the fear of being dissaproved
does this have to include you?
Stress is another word for guilt
designed to cripple up to the hilt
our society is designed to keep you in fear
like a rabbit when headlights draw near

And if you can't find someone to dissaprove
I'm betting your dissaproving of you
this makes it all the more ridiculous
the pointless concept of stress
especially if someone else dissaproves of you
they are just dissaproving of themselves too

so ditch that stress of yours today
and live much brighter future days
stress caused when not working at full potential
but it's the system; disempowers: Mental
the system then keeps you disempowered
using stress to keep you cowered

Our potential is truly infinate
but the current systems propaganda hides it
but propaganda is not the truth
and the truth's more suited to you
find your truth and forward your propelled
naturally without any personal hells
41-45, M
Dec 6, 2012