I Am Stressed, So What!?

I identified my sources of stress lately:
1. I was injury on duty and my company - reguardless of the requirement of Labour Department - refused to compensate me. That company ignored the warnning letter send by the Labour Department.
2. Since the company refused to pay or compensate, I got no income for half year. At the same time, I still need to pay for the expensive surgery and physiotherapy fee. Therefore, my saving nearly used up.
3. That company refused to change my job, thus, I was indirectly forced to quit my job and seek a new one - a new job that within my physical ability.
4. Meanwhile, my mom was suffer from stage 4 lung cancer, I need to pay for her expensive cancer drug.
5. I fail to get a job with reasonable income, reguardless of my work experience and high educational level.
6. I try to seek job via an agency. However, that agency made a mistake and my personal information was exchanged with another person - that's means another person can get the job or interview by make use of my work experience and my educational background.
7. The agency promised to fix it, however, they dont tell me when it will be fixed.
8. When I told dad what happened, he never help but insult me, blame me and scold me.
9. I need to do all the house work, I need to continue my study and job hunt as well. However, no support from my dad. He continue yell at me and scold me all the time.
10. I want to relax myself and try some online game. However, that game company is suck. It let their forum's moderator to steal game money by a bug. That moderator deleted and banned anyone who dare to complains.
11. No freedom of talk and no one to share.
Well, with all these kinds of events, I am sad. I know I am stressed. My stress score is more than 450 - that's means I suffer from considerable stress. But, that's a great chance to learn and I will be strong after cope with all of these. It's useless to hind oneself and cry. Nothing will change even you cry everyday. Yesterday is past. Nothing can be changed. Therefore, its our duty to make good use of our current time and fight for a better life!
I trust God will bless me and God will help me!
I wish everyone who are sad and stressed will overcome and be happy forever!
Finally, warm hug to everyone who are sad and stressed! Let's cheer up!
QueenFairy QueenFairy
31-35, F
Sep 3, 2011