Just Stuck....

i haven't been on here lately. i feel so stuck no job, still no job and can't seem to get my own place. i'm also stuck in fear and living in the past too but i am seeing a therapist about it. i have no money to do anything barely enough to pay my cell phone bill for 2 mos and doesn't leave much for gas for my car yet alone a bus pass. there are no programs here to help me at age 26 childless.

jobs here in AZ are so ****** and poor. i only had 2 interviews this year, it is december and i don't think i will be able to get a seasonal job now. like i said i never get hired during the holidays...ever! it will be 2013 soon i am losing my mind even more because of the lack of jobs here! i really can't do anything unless i have the financial means to get from A to B daily, weekly, or every other month.

gotta finish this later
ladyceleste ladyceleste
26-30, F
Dec 3, 2012