How I Look...

I'm dumb- and i don't overly care about being dumb. I'm a blonde so people kinda expect it anyways- whatever.
I remember in school though- like results day when everyone asked each other i was about to tell this guy what i got- and he intterupted me and was like 'oh, no i dont want to hear this' or something like that- basically saying i woulda got an awful mark!
I am pretty stupid. Just sometimes not as much as what people think. I say stupid and completely idiotic things alot of the times, and questions, and my friends laugh at me- just when i fall out with people, they say how 'they wouldnt expect me to know' cause im so stupid like.... When, im not alltogether really- when i can get marks higher than them all the time when we were in college etc, they dont think of that. Just cause i am pretty dumb, and have my moments, i'm not like the thickest person ever.

And looking like a fool- i was pretty much made to look like a fool.
And the amount of looks that come with it. I couldn't tell you how many times i have had that- WTF- look.
But whatever.

Me being dumb- isn't something i really care about. I mean, out of the hundreds of things i can complain about, i let being dumb go, cause, whatever.....

brokenalways brokenalways
18-21, F
Dec 7, 2012