Work Hard....and Fail.

Math makes no sense. I just don't get it, I don't understand sometimes. I study harder for math than all other classes put together. I had a tutor all summer prepare me for this, but now I'm struggling again. Its like the teacher is speaking a foreign language. I thought I understood it when she explained it to me after school...I took notes and made a video with my phone when she did examples on the markerboard. Yesterday I turned in my homework, 35 problems from 2 different chapters + 5 really "challenging" problems she added on there for "fun". I'm out sick today so she emailed me my grade and explanations for each problem I got wrong. I saw the subject: Graded Homework from yesterday's date and my heart raced as I nervously clicked it. BAM it opened and my heart sank, my stomach felt like somebody punched it, and it was getting hard to breathe as I stared at the big 42 staring back at me. I made a 42. I had really thought I would pass this one. Her very detailed explanations and notes showed her concern and willingness to help me understand, but I just don't get it cause I'm stupid or something when it comes to math. I failed algebra 1 last year and had to take it over the summer along with a tutored class. Maybe I should just give up now and save myself all the frustration and internal damage from a whole year of dissapointment. I can always take it over the summer and have it over with in a couple months.
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Well you and I are artists so. Our brains function differently, we're more zoned in on the Right Hemisphere compared to our Left Hemisphere. Right Hemisphere of the brain focuses on abstract knowledge while the Left Hemisphere is accustomed to logical concrete. So it makes sense why we haven't been able to decode the mystery of math! You and I aren't idiots or mathematically inept, our brains are just wired differently. Same goes for writers too. Don't give up though it's not like we use much of these formulas anyway XD.

Like come on! The BASIC skills and necessities you need are: Counting Money, Reading, Writing and basic comprehension skills, etc. Otherwise it's a waste of time learning all of these circulars when they are never put to use.

i know right! idk its so confusing when ppl are like you neeeeed to know this....I'm like really?? how do you know I neeeeed to know it? do you know what ima do in the future?? LOL but yeah U right, visual, artistic, creative...not math geniuses! LOL!

:D Hi5!

Look, my thought is to "do" the class, even though it's going to be really frustrating and you may fail...because when you take it the NEXT time, you'll already at least have some of it down. Very hard to do-I dropped out of a college REMEDIAL math class because I felt like going home and shooting myself after each class-especially the one where I got back my first exam with a 52...and yeah, I studied, I did more homework than required.If I never beat this sh!t I will never be a therapist. :( So I have to try my damndest...And get my dyscalculia re-certified. It's like dyslexia, only I mangle numbers.

I just read about that online a couple days ago after someone else said something similar in one of their stories.

u not the only one its like OMG the teacher does it right in front of you , u ask questons, stay after skool for tutorial, tell the teacher what u need help on and she goes over it millions of times and u think when she give u some work u can do it but u wined up failing it the teacher goes by little steps telling the problem you take notes, and still dont get it

Yep I don't know why I even let myself believe that I think I understand when she explains it LOL

Oh dude, I TOTALLY know what that feels like!!

Math has always been my nemesis. No matter how hard I worked, I never understood it. I still don't get it. I cried for most of high school because it would take me HOURS to get through my math lesson. I was thoroughly convinced that I was S-T-U-P-I-D.

Anytime I brought it up with my mom, she would say, "Well, you study harder." I'm already struggling for literally hours on end, I don't know how to study it any harder! My friends, my brother even, could figure it out...just not me.

Only within the past few years have I realized that I'm not stupid, my brain is wired differently. I wish I could give some tips on HOW to understand math in a way that fits with our different brains...but I haven't figured that out yet. I've got math coming up in college and if I flunk, I can't take the test for six months. I'm already nervous thinking about it.

You're not stupid. There's some way that you WILL pick it up, some way that will click, it's just a matter of finding it. Do you HAVE to take the math? As much as I utterly loathe trying to get out of something, in this case...I'd make an exception.

Have you tried It's an online math tutor that explains each question step by step and you can take the tests as often as you need to. I'll be taking it for my college credits. I know you've already tried tutoring but maybe it'll have some different explanations.

Good luck and hold on. Some day, it'll all be over and you won't have to do this ever again!

thanks for the encouragement. And yeah I have to take too...I don't think I will ever get it though. I will check out that website. I'm glad someone else understands this cause it's really killing me. I mean nobody uses this stuff right? how many people have to do quadratic equations in everyday life? its just extra stuff they want to cram down my throat. I don't know if I'm going to college or not...hopefully I will go to an art college and won't need it....either art or culinary school. what are you taking in college? I mean what do you want to do?

I have yet to find a use for it! And if I ever run into it...that's what calculators are for. :P

I'm actually doing a correspondence type of college. There are certain tests, CLEP and Dantes/DSST, that you can take to earn college credit for stuff you've learned outside the classroom. I study until I feel I understand the materiel and if I pass the test, I get 3-12 college credits, depending on the subject.
So far, I have 30 credits without stepping foot in a classroom and it all counts towards my degree, not to mention it's A LOT cheaper!
There's a whole bunch of people who have earned their degrees this way too. It's incredible.

I REALLY didn't want do college but this testing out was the only thing my parents and I agreed on. For now, the degree plan is a basic AA in either general studies of Liberal Arts. It's mostly just a safety net. I have the piece of paper that says I'm a college graduate, I qualify for the higher paying job. :P

Outside of college, I want to be an artist. It's tons of work but I love it. I *understand* it! I've got most of my work up here -

Culinary school sounds like SO much fun! Competitive and creative all rolled into one :)
What kind of art would you specialize in at art college?

not sure yet, I like sketching and detailed drawing along with water color painting, and just now getting interested in digital art kinda like you see in playstation games or maybe movie special effects. I'm trying to save up money to by a wacom tablet but for now I doodle on my phone lol. I know I'm not as smart as everyone else so I gotta do something I like and art and cooking are the only things I'm good at so far. I want to try some photography but it seems like everybody does that so gonna stick to what I do best. What type of job are you looking for when you graduate? I was looking online at Arts Institutes colleges since Im east coast. They focus on just your field of interest. maybe they have one near you. Wow your art looks great! I like all of them! the Tiger is cool but I like the owl and cat best...the cat looks real!

Digital art is INCREDIBLE. I love the fantasy landscapes and the effects that can be achieved. It's a completely different medium that I'm totally unaware of but it's on my bucket list! I'd LOVE to try it some day :)

Honestly, I have no idea what job I'd be looking for. I'd love to show at galleries, art fairs, etc. but that takes money to start off in the first place. I'm still a ways off from graduating and have way too much to keep myself worried about at the moment. With the job field what it is, I don't know that I can afford to be picky to some extent. :P

Thank you! The cat took about a month. It nearly drove me crazy with all the little hairs.

I'll definitely have to check out the Arts Institute. Thank you so much!

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