I feel stupid. I got caught stalking my boyfriend's ex wife's friend looking for proof that she is a lesbian to prove that I didn't wreck their marriage. I hit the friend button by accident I immediately unhit it but it was to late the notification went through. His ex wife freaked out at their teenage daughter telling her I was spying and that I pushed it and now I am no longer allowed to be around her. My boyfriend is pissed at me because his daughter paid for my immature actions. I can't blame him for being mad and I don't blame the ex either. I was just bring nosy. I've apologized to his daughter she said no worries. She feels her mom is over reacting. I felt so bad. I feel awful and stupid. Why do I have to be a crazy person. This just happened yesterday. My boyfriend is not speaking to me right now. I've apologized but I know he needs to cool off. I have truly learned a lesson. I will not Facebook stalk ever again. It's unhealthy. I just undid 3 years of progress in our relationship with the ex allowing me to help with the picking up and dropping off of their daughter. I put major unnecessary stress on my boyfriend. I don't know what else to do. Ugh!
mayling71 mayling71
46-50, F
Aug 18, 2014